A Quick Look at the Best Waterproof Mattress Covers

You might be in the market for a good waterproof mattress protector for a number of reasons. Maybe you like to drink coffee (or wine glass) in bed and are prone to accidents. Or, you have a toddler who is still potty training during the bedwetting phase.

Whatever the reason, with a million waterproof mattress protector on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the ones that make the most sense.

waterproof mattress protector

That's why we did our research to pick the best waterproof mattress protector for you. Read on to find out more.

The fabric of this protective cover from Bedecor is made from bamboo, which is very effective at regulating temperature and is also naturally hypoallergenic, antifungal and antibacterial.

Reviewers say it's a real lifesaver for those who sleep hot but still want to keep fluids out. Some reviewers suggest that if you find yourself cleaning this frequently due to bedwetting accidents or frequent spills, consider purchasing a new one within a year to ensure Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasement still effectively protects your mattress.

This Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasement is a great option for those with allergies. Mattress covers completely protect all sides of the mattress, making them ideal for protection against allergens.

Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasement

Additionally, woven fabrics are considered the best option for protection against allergens. Cotton terry is a great woven fabric choice for bed bug proof mattress cover. Not only is it hypoallergenic and breathable, but it also absorbs a lot of water.

It is advisable to also buy a regular bed bug proof mattress cover in case of frequent accidents as it is easier to wash and get in and out of bed. Buying multiple cases might seem a bit redundant, but it might be worth it if you want protection from allergens and frequent accidents.

bed bug proof mattress cover

More venues recommend using a cover that completely wraps the mattress as a precaution to help prevent bed bug infestations in the home.

This cover from Bedecor fully zips up to completely envelop the mattress, making it a really good option for those worried about bed bugs.

Reviewers love its protection against bed bugs, but it's not recommended if you wet the bed a lot, as it's a bit difficult to clean. But for less frequent spills or accidents, its waterproof protection works well.

With over 100,000 reviews on Amazon, this popular option is definitely a top-selling option. Made from cotton terry, it's a soft woven cloth that absorbs a lot of fluids.

It also has a vinyl-free film layer, which helps make it more breathable and liquid-resistant.

If you plan to take advantage of its hypoallergenic properties, the brand recommends a quarterly wash to remove any dust or dust mites. If you're going to do a few more washes, try putting this out of the dryer and buy two so you can let them air dry.

What should I pay attention to when it comes to bamboo mattress fitted sheet?

How to choose the right waterproof mattress protector, there are a bunch of factors to refer to.

There are several types of mattress protectors: top protectors (protects only the top of the mattress), five-sided protectors (protects the top and four sides of the mattress), and wrap covers (zips up to protect the entire mattress). Top protectors are the most common, but some reviewers dislike the lack of side protection. Coatings are usually not required unless you want to protect against bed bugs or allergens.

Material. When shopping for a bamboo mattress fitted sheet, you may come across a wide variety of materials. A 2007 study showed that woven materials such as cotton, rayon, and polyester provide breathability while protecting against allergens. Other materials, such as bamboo, have been shown to regulate temperature. Vinyl is great at keeping bugs out, but sleeping on it can be uncomfortable.


bamboo mattress fitted sheet

Durability. Durability is a very important factor when choosing a Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet -- especially if you're washing your mattress protector frequently because of bedwetting or incontinence. You can judge the durability of a mattress protector by looking at customer reviews to see how well it performs. But keep in mind that durability might not be an issue if you're using it as a case-in-case cover.

Warranty. Many protectors will have some sort of warranty against any potential defects. This is important to ensure your Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet doesn't tear or fail due to manufacturing issues.

Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet

The benefits of using a cotton terry mattress protector

Whether you tip over drinks frequently, have young kids struggling with bedwetting, pets prone to accidents or wet paws, or someone in the home with incontinence, a cotton terry mattress protector can really help.

cotton terry mattress protector

Caring for a Waterproof Mattress Cover

Be sure to read the care instructions on any waterproof mattress cover. Some can be washed and dried with your regular bedding, but some may have special instructions that can help you increase the life of your cover.

Also, if you plan to wash and dry frequently -- say more than once a week -- consider buying multiple covers at a time and avoid putting them in the dryer.

The heat of the dryer has been shown to weaken some fabrics, making them less likely to protect against liquids.

Premium fiber mattress fitted sheet also protect you from any pre-existing allergens, bacteria, bed bugs, or pests that live in your mattress.

What is the use of waterproof pads?

A premium fiber mattress fitted sheet is a great investment for almost anyone. They work by protecting your mattress from nighttime sweat, which can wear down the materials inside the mattress over time.

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