Bedecor Some businesses play word games to the point of embarrassing cancer as their peers.

Bedecor Some businesses play word games to the point of embarrassing cancer as their peers.

Some businesses play word games to the point of embarrassing cancer as their peers. 100% Korean cotton, I thought it was 100% Korean cotton at first glance. Similarly, there is currently another similar word game: 100% washed cotton, hello, pay attention, it is "cotton", not "cotton". Besides, how can a washed cotton best mattress protector queen have a price of about 100 yuan?


In addition, the "washed cotton" marked by many merchants on the title is actually washed chemical fiber. In the product attributes, they will mark the material as polyester fiber. This best mattress protector queen makes many colleagues feel helpless, because they claim that "washed cotton" is a craft, not a material.


Korean cotton, similar polyester fiber Anti-allergy Mattress cover with dust proof fabrics are: velvet, crystal velvet, baby velvet, Korean velvet, etc. Because of the difference in craftsmanship, different names are given. But in terms of material, they are all polyester fibers. The plasticity of polyester fiber material is strong, and different physical properties can be achieved through different processes. The well-known DACRON in the industry has developed a variety of polyester fibers to meet the needs of different usage scenarios. However, so far, the comfort of man-made fibers has not reached the level of natural fibers. For example: cotton has good air permeability, and Anti-allergy Mattress cover with dust proof does not generate static electricity in winter.


However, despite the special treatment, the breathability of polyester fiber mattress protector with zipper is still not ideal. If you sweat in winter, the quilt will become an ice hole. Now some manufacturers will add conductive filaments to velvet and other velvet bedding products, claiming that it can export static electricity. However, cotton bedding can introduce static electricity into the air through the hydrophilic group of the fiber. Common bedding materials are cotton, linen, tencel, silk, polyester fiber. Among the many materials, cotton has the best overall performance in my opinion, and the price is also very close to the people.


Cotton bedding mattress protector with zipper can be divided into knitted fabrics and woven fabrics according to the process, and woven fabrics can be divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. If the woven fabric is polished to form a fine velvet feeling on the surface, it is a cotton brushed fabric. If the fabric is subjected to a special high-temperature washing process, a very comfortable washed cotton fabric can be obtained.


Knitted cotton bedding waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets is the characteristic bedding of MUJI, which is also called Tianzhu cotton. This type of fabric is warm, soft and skin-friendly. Before MUJI was first used as bedding fabrics, such fabrics were generally used in underwear production. Knitted cotton waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets offers great comfort, but its durability is not ideal. Fabric pilling, enlargement is its inevitable disadvantage.


Experienced friends know that no matter Muji or other Bedecor knitted top bamboo waterproof mattress firm protector online, the service life will generally not exceed two years, especially pillowcase sheets, where there is more friction, pilling will occur within three months.


Top bamboo waterproof mattress firm protector on the market are generally woven fabrics, and woven fabrics can be divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Plain weave bedding is common: 1. Old coarse bedding: it is mostly used in summer, and it is spun with thicker yarn, which is very breathable and hygroscopic. The old sackcloth bedding has become more popular in the past two years, because its comfort is much improved than that of the mat, and the price is relatively affordable.


Dapu's family on Bedecor started selling old sackcloth bedding earlier, which also led to a large number of merchants to follow.


  1. Washed waterproof mattress firm mattress sheet: It can be said that the comprehensive performance of washed cotton is very good, and for most areas, it can be used all year round. Washed cotton bedding products on the market are generally made of 32 yarn-dyed fabrics through a high temperature washing process. The 32-count yarn is not rough, and the woven fabric is soft and comfortable after the washing process, and has a very simple cotton texture.



  1. Double-layer yarn bedding: The double-layer yarn fabric has gradually become popular in the past two years. This type of fabric is highly soft, breathable and can be used all year round. However, the only disadvantage of double-layer yarn is that the durability is poor, and the gauze is easily damaged.


The sales volume of waterproof mattress firm mattress sheet still occupies the first place in all cotton fabrics, and it wins among many fabrics with its comfortable fabric characteristics and affordable prices. The twill fabric has good overall performance and great durability. So if you want to choose cotton bedding, and at the same time hope the price is more suitable, then choose her.


The price of twill waterproof mattress top protection sheets is related to its fabric density. Fabric density is generally divided into 133*72, 130*70, 128*68, the higher the density, the more expensive the price. But generally speaking, it is less than 300 yuan. The satin bedding has been in an upgraded state for the past two years. In the first two years, 60 satin can already be called mid-to-high-end fabrics. As a result, in 2017, 80 satin, 100 satin, and 120 satin appeared one after another, so that the optional high-count bedding on Bedecor became more and more. More.


The biggest feature of high-count satin is its delicateness. The more delicate the bedding, the softer it will be to sleep, and the more comfortable it will be. Although the 60-count satin is entry-level, the delicateness of the fabric is excellent enough. Therefore, if you want to try satin bedding, you might as well start with 60, and then gradually upgrade to 80, 100, or even 120.


Satin is also commonly referred to as long-staple cotton satin. Because the yarn count of tribute satin is higher and the yarn is thinner, the requirements for cotton are also higher. (The cotton with a fiber pile length of more than 33mm is called long-staple cotton.) Therefore, high-count yarns can only be spun with long-staple cotton. Therefore, we usually call this type of fabric called long-staple cotton satin waterproof mattress top protection sheets.


As for the occasional Egyptian long-staple cotton, Pima cotton, Sea Island cotton, etc., rest assured, these are all fakes, and domestic satin is generally cotton from Xinjiang. As a major cotton-producing country, its own Xinjiang cotton is also world-renowned.



Whether it is twill or satin, but it must be a thicker fabric, we will polish the fabric so that we can get a cotton sanded bedding. This type of bedding has fine fluff on the surface, which can quickly lock in the temperature and provide good warmth.


More high-end sanding bedding, such as 60 sanding, 80 sanding. Similarly, the sanding bed with higher count is relatively finer, and the thickness will gradually become thinner. In addition to cotton bedding, bedding of other materials is also briefly introduced. Polyester fiber can make the surface of the material rich and velvety, thereby increasing the warmth.


In winter, bedding made of velvet, crystal velvet and other materials has always been in a hot sale. If you are particularly afraid of cold in winter, you can consider adding a bed to the bed. However, polyester fibers are slightly less breathable and skin-friendly. Silk is the silk spun by silkworms. The output is small and the price is high. Silk crepe satin with a width of 2.5 meters and 19mm costs 200+ per meter of fabric, so if it is made into bedding, the light cost will be at least 1600 yuan.

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