Bedspread purchase skills and precautions waterproof mattress protector

Bedspread purchase skills and precautions waterproof mattress protector

Waterproof mattress protector is a kind of bedding, which is beautiful and atmospheric, can block dust, and is widely used in home life. The following Bedecor will share with you some tips for choosing bedspreads for your reference in purchasing bedspreads! Tips for choosing home waterproof mattress protector


  1. Texture The texture of the fabric is divided into thickness and thickness. The coarse texture gives people a bold and rough feeling; the fine texture gives a delicate and elegant impression. When purchasing, refer to the overall effect of furniture and decorative materials in the room.


  1. The pattern of patterned fabrics is different from group flowers, lines and all colors. The fabric printed with the group flower pattern makes the actual area "smaller", while the clear color is the opposite. For the sense of direction or movement, the density of lines, changes in direction and color contrast can be used to re-segment the plane to achieve the desired vision. Home Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasementselection tips


  1. The price zippered bed bug Mattress Encasementcan be divided into three categories: high-end luxury type, high-grade fabric, fine workmanship, exquisite pattern, suitable for newly married or high-income families; middle-floor gorgeous type, the fabric is the same as high-end, but the workmanship is simpler, does not affect the use , suitable for ordinary families; low-grade practical, suitable for middle-aged and elderly families. You can decide to buy according to your actual situation.


  1. The size should consider the top area plus the thickness of the mattress, as well as the sagging range, and sometimes the area for stuffing into the pillow should be reserved.


When we buy bed bug proof mattress cover, we often choose the color we like, or refer to personal age characteristics. But did you know that different colors can produce different psychological stimuli and thus have different effects on health. Therefore, when choosing the color of the bed cover, we should first pay attention to its health effects. Light orange bedspread If the elderly's room uses a light orange bedspread, it can induce the appetite of the elderly.


Red bed bug proof mattress cover The newlyweds' living room should choose bright and strong red bedspreads, which can add a festive atmosphere to the room. But too much exposure to red can make people anxious. Therefore, patients with insomnia, neurasthenia, and cardiovascular diseases should not use red bedspreads to avoid aggravating the condition. Tender green bamboo mattress fitted sheet People who are emotionally unstable and easily irritable should use a tender green bedspread in the living room to relax the mind and relieve tension.


Golden bedspread Golden color can easily cause emotional instability, so people suffering from depression and mania should not use golden bedspreads. Blue Bed Cover Choose a blue bed cover to help relieve symptoms such as headaches, fever, and insomnia. If the owner of the room suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease, it is best to put on a light blue bed cover to help the blood pressure drop and the pulse return to normal.


In addition, blue also has a stress-relieving effect on overworked white-collar workers. The bamboo mattress fitted sheet come in a variety of colors, and the choices vary according to the season. When the temperature is high in spring and summer, the bed cover should choose a fresh and elegant cool color, and the texture should choose a thinner fabric; while the temperature in autumn and winter is cold, the color of the bed cover should tend to be warm, and thicker fabric should be selected in terms of texture .


When it comes to Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet, everyone is familiar with them. It is a bedding that ordinary families have to touch every day. There are many materials for bedspreads. The most common ones are cotton, chemical fiber, and silk. Depending on the texture, the comfort will be very different. Generally speaking, fabrics made of natural materials are more comfortable and skin-friendly, and are less prone to allergic reactions. If there are babies or children at home, try to choose a four-piece bed set made of cotton, so as to care for their tender skin.


In addition to checking the fabric of the bed cover, what else needs special attention? How to check the bed cover before receiving the goods after purchasing the Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet online? It is said that the four-piece set of pure cotton is really strong and durable. If you want to know how to inspect the goods, let me tell you below you! Product and packaging inspection standards

  1. Products. There must be no safety issues in use. The appearance of the process is not damaged, scratched, cracked, etc. Must comply with the laws and regulations of the destination country and the requirements of the customer. Product structure, appearance, craftsmanship and cotton terry mattress protector must meet customer requirements and batch samples. The product must meet the customer's requirements or the same function as the batch sample. Labels must be clear and comply with laws and regulations


  1. Packing: The cotton terry mattress protector packaging must be suitable and strong enough to ensure the reliability of the product during transportation. Packaging materials must be able to protect the transport of the product. Marks, barcodes and labels should meet customer requirements or batch samples. Packaging materials should meet customer requirements or batch samples. Instructions, instructions and related label warnings must be clearly printed in the language of the destination country 6) Instructions, instruction descriptions must conform to the product and actual related functions


  1. Inspection plan. Applicable inspection standard ISO 2859/BS 6001/ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4 Single Sampling Plan, Normal Inspection. Sampling level (1) Please refer to the number of samples in the table below (2) If multiple premium fiber mattress fitted sheetare combined for inspection, the number of samples for each item is determined by the percentage of the quantity of the item in the whole batch. The number of samples for this paragraph is calculated proportionally based on the percentage. If the calculated number of samples. Acceptable quality level AQL does not allow serious defects Critical defect AQL xx major defect standard Major Defect AQL xx minor defect standard Minor Defect Note: "xx" represents the acceptable quality level standard required by the customer. The number of samples for special premium fiber mattress fitted sheetor fixed sampling, no unqualified items are allowed

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