Dirty mattresses are not only difficult to clean, but also lingering odors such as urine stains.

Dirty mattresses are not only difficult to clean, but also lingering odors such as urine stains.



Dirty mattresses are not only difficult to clean, but also lingering odors such as urine stains. Even worse, the high-end flannel mattress protector that I spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy was ruined in a piss.


Now, strongly to you Amway this black technology "waterproof mattress"!


Just the right density to ensure that liquid-level molecules cannot pass through, even if the baby is a big "sea", it can still hold it! At the same time, it can allow the water vapor molecules to pass through smoothly, and there will be no sultry feeling when lying on it, and there is no need to worry about the baby's prickly heat in summer!


Why is it called black technology?


This waterproof flannel mattress protector is different from others in that it adopts a three-dimensional structure design, which pays more attention to the user's experience while paying attention to functions such as waterproofing.


The surface fabric, which combines the comfort and breathability of pure cotton with the color and touch of silk, allowing you to enjoy silk-like smoothness.


The middle layer of cooling waterproof mattress protector is 100% polyester, the biggest advantage is wrinkle resistance and shape retention, no matter how you toss it in bed, it still maintains high elasticity.


The inner layer of cooling waterproof mattress protector is made of nano-scale, polymer elastic material TPU active composite film, which has many advantages such as high wear resistance, water resistance and oil resistance.


Lab: Water Resistance Test


In the test, we first poured water on the waterproof cotton waterproof mattress protector, waited for it for 30 minutes, then added water and pressed it hard with our hands, but the paper towel underneath was not wet at all, it was really watertight! (The lady who tested it said that it feels really good to the touch!)


Lab: Breathability Test


In the test, we first poured boiling water into the basin, then covered the waterproof cotton waterproof mattress protector, and then buckled the transparent bottle. After a while, the glass bottle was covered with white vapor, which means that it can allow the water vapor molecules to pass through smoothly.


|Physical anti-mite, skin care


Mites not only affect the quality of our sleep, they can also cause serious damage to our skin.


Surveys show that about 97% of adults are infected with mites. Among allergic asthma patients, 80% are allergic to mites, among which dust mites are the main ones. Dust mite carcasses, secretions, and excreta are allergens that can cause disease,you will need one best mattress protector.


Traditional best mattress protector have little effect on preventing mites, but this waterproof and anti-mite bed sheet is like a natural barrier. Allergens, to create a healthy and warm sleeping environment for the family.


|Bedroom taste, enhance happiness


The 2-bed bamboo zippable mattress cover, also known as the mattress protector, has the basic function of being dust-proof and non-slip, making the bedroom more tidy and beautiful, and enhancing the private taste space.


Fitted sheets are already a must-have household bedding in developed countries in Europe and America, but only a few people use them in China. Note that the editor is only talking about ordinary mattresses, and there are very few waterproof bamboo zippable mattress cover!


The waterproof plastic mattress cover with zipper is an upgraded version. The advanced functions are to protect the mattress and physically prevent mites, free people from tedious housework activities, protect human health and improve the quality of life.


Waterproof plastic mattress cover with zipper are widely used, not only in home use, but also in homestays, star hotels, pets, nursing homes and other places.


There are many styles of cleaning pads, and some are even as long as the bed bag. What is the difference between the cleaning pad and the bed bag?


Why don't we just use zip up mattress protector and instead use cleaning pads?


The bed bag is not waterproof, if the child wets the bed or spills the drink, the mattress will be contaminated if the cleaning pad is not used!


The cleaning pad will be placed between the mattress and the bed bag to protect the mattress. The cleaning pad is a protective layer between the human body and the mattress, preventing dirt and water from entering the zip up mattress protector, keeping the mattress dry and clean. to extend the life of the mattress.


Cleaning pads also have many different functions, such as waterproof, dust mite... and so on.


Why use cleaning pads?

The mobile phone is afraid of falling, so it needs a protective case, the new car is afraid of being dirty, so it needs to be coated, and the Matratzenschoner Wasserdicht is afraid of being dirty, so it needs a cleaning pad.


The mattress lasts for 10 years, and the dust and dirt on the surface are easy to deal with; if it is a permeable liquid, it is more difficult to clean the mattress!


If you stay in bed for 6 to 10 hours a day, the sweat and dust stains absorbed by the mattress will accumulate over time. There may also be mold inside the mattress due to humidity, and the spring of the individual-tube Protège Matelas Imperméable may rust.


Mattresses cannot be simply cleaned. Use cleaning pads to protect the mattress from the beginning, reduce the chance of the mattress being polluted, and effectively prolong the life of the mattress~


Which groups need to use Coprimaterasso Impermeabile?

  1. There are hairy children at home

Humans are not at home, and the furry child is the boss of the family. Do your pets sneak up on the bed when the owner is away?


If it is just sleeping, it would be fine, I am afraid that the hairy child can't control the liberation and soiled the bed, and even penetrated into the mattress, causing the mattress to stink and breed bacteria, hurting both the body and the wallet.


To avoid this, use a cleaning pad to block the chance of urine soaking into the mattress.


  1. Young children or elders

Young children or elders sometimes cannot control the time they go to the toilet. When they find out that it may have been a while, it is too late to save them.You will need Protector de Colchón


Some people have a bad impression of cleaning pads because they choose a type that is not completely waterproof.


  1. Women

The menstrual troubles that are fixed every month, let the cleaning pad protect the mattress for you.


  1. Get used to eating or drinking in bed

Whether you live at home or rent a house, you must have the experience of leaning on a comfortable bed, eating and drinking leisurely.


Overturning a drink is more trouble than overturning the water, attracting an army of ants, and there will be a residual odor that fills the entire bed.


  1. You who use a mattress

There is a possibility of being soiled where there is movement. The Waterdichte Matrasbeschermer is dirty and just removed and cleaned.


For the sake of the wallet, it is recommended to pack an extra layer of cleaning pads to keep the mattress clean

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