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Notes on buying mattress pads
If you're buying a new mattress, you'll need at least one mattress pad to go with it. However, even old mattresses can be given a facelift with mattress pads The mattress pads in this guide depend on your own sleeping needs.
Differences between mattresses, top pads and pads
Take your sleep system to the next level with a Cotton waterproof pillow protector, top, or cover before you buy your next set of patterned bedding. All three of these things are different and all work uniquely to make your sleep the best it can be. The mattress pad is thinner and more like a fitted sheet. Cushions are best used to protect a new mattress or maintain the same firmness and feel as an existing mattress.
Cotton waterproof pillow protector add a little extra. These are usually thicker and can make the mattress more comfortable. These are great for those who may not want to get a new mattress, but want a different feel in their existing bed.
Cotton waterproof pillow protector
Finally, a Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector is like a mattress pad, but it covers the entire mattress, not just the top. Protective covers are used to keep your mattress free from bed bugs, dust mites or large spills. For a child's bed, a protective cover is handy and can extend the life of the mattress.
Choose the right thickness
Get the Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector or top pad you've always wanted. The first thing to consider is the thickness. Do you like your current mattress? Do you think you need a new mattress? If you currently like your mattress, or you just bought one, choose a thin mattress pad. Combine a light, feathery mattress pad with a few sets of linen sheets in your favorite color, and you have a well-rounded bed that you'll want to curl up in every night.
If your mattress is older and you're looking for a new mattress, you can choose a top mattress. Mattress toppers can refresh even the oldest box spring beds. You'll want something that fits your sleeping style. Choose a firm memory foam top pad or a fluffy down top pad. Each one will give you a unique night's rest, as good as buying a new mattress.
Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector
Consider your needs
Ultimately, you have to consider your needs and thickness. If you have small children, buying a mattress protector can add life to your child's bed. For kids with older mattresses, you can also pair a Pillow Top Mattress Pad with a new comforter. Renovate an entire room with a new set of kids' bedding for a whole new look they'll love.
With your new memory foam mattress, you probably won't need a pad or top pad. A mattress can help remove some of the firmness of a memory foam mattress, while a mattress protector can add to the longevity of your mattress investment. Older Pillow Top Mattress Pad can be given a makeover. It's an economical way to make you feel like you have a brand new bed. In general, choose the right mattress pad for your bedroom considering who is using the mattress and the age of the bed.
Pillow Top Mattress Pad
Pick the right one!
Some people wonder if you need new sheets when you buy a water absorption mattress pad. The answer depends. First of all, do you have your favorite sheets? If not, take advantage of your bedroom makeover and choose a set of sheets and comforters that you can't live without.
Some water absorption mattress pad may require new sheets to fit the mattress and top pad, but usually this is not a problem. However, you can always mix and match new and used bedding to create a custom look you'll love for years.
water absorption mattress pad
How to choose a mattress cover for support and pain relief?
Memory foam and latex are the most effective materials for providing support, firmness and pain relief. They provide comfort and reduce pain by cushioning different pressure points on the body.
Side sleepers should consider purchasing thicker options, at least 3 inches, to provide more support for your back and limbs. We've written a detailed article on choosing incontinence bedding for back support and back pain relief and choosing mattress covers for side sleepers.
Natural latex is a good choice for pregnant women because it prevents fever and keeps you cool when your body temperature rises. One of the big advantages of latex over memory foam is that it doesn't adjust to your body's weight and bounce back when not in use.
Memory incontinence bedding are the best choice for older adults who often don't get the desired level of comfort while sleeping. Memory foam eliminates all pressure points, distributes body weight evenly, and removes stress from all parts of the body.
incontinence bedding
These articles on mattress covers to reduce shoulder pain and choosing mattress covers to help with hip pain may also be of value to you. Did you know that choosing the right mattress topper can also help reduce neck pain? You may find this article valuable as well.
Also, for additional information on how to choose the best mattress and mattress cover for you, check out The Sleep Foundation.
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