Keeping an eye on your bedding

Keeping an eye on your bedding

Keeping an eye on your bedding

The bed as the most relaxed place after a hard day's work, it must be cleaned up neat and comfortable hygiene, so, on the purchase and maintenance of bedding, and you know how much? Let's take a look.


How to buy:

1. size and colour, best bed liner purchase to pay attention to the size, according to the actual size of the home bed to buy, in the colour selection, you can choose their favorite style. Conditions allow you to pick something that is close to the colour of the room. This can make the whole room look and feel as a whole.


  1. The material of the bed, there are many kinds of fabrics available for Bonenjoy 1Pc Bedspreads Queen Size Quilted Bed Cover production, including yarn, cotton, and mixed. You can choose according to your own habits and preferences. If you like softness, then cotton sheets can be given priority. If you like softness, then Cotton waterproof pillow protector can be given priority. When selecting bedspreads, you should also pay attention to the selection of some flat and non-wrinkled bedspreads, which will look more neat and beautiful, and will be easier to lay up.


    1. The process, the selection of Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector also need to pay attention to its process, such as whether the stitching is flat, whether the thread is messy, whether there is no sewing of the edges, which also affects the overall beauty and comfort of the bed.


How to maintain it?1. Collection storage, containing silk craft bedding, such as moisture can not be sun and direct drying, should be placed in the shade to air dry, air dry to be cooled after the quilt and then folded into a ziplock bags. Store with insect repellent in a dry place and do not dry-clean or wash.


When using the four-piece suede set, you can hang it to dry and then fold it after it has cooled down.


When not in use, fold the four-piece set neatly into an Oxford Cloth Quilt Storage Bag and put a certain amount of mothballs in a dark, low humidity, well-ventilated place.


  1. Cleaning and washing, bedding cleaning frequency can be based on personal hygiene habits. Before the first use of new bed sets, can be rinsed in the water once, the surface of the bed sheet pulp and printing floating colour washed off, so that the use will be softer, later cleaning is not easy to fade.


Cotton fabric cleaning, should first detergent such as laundry detergent (do not use detergent containing bleach ingredients) into the water, to be completely melted, and then into the cotton fabric. The general soaking time should not exceed half an hour and the water temperature should not exceed 40°C when washing. When washing, light coloured products should be washed separately from dark coloured products to avoid staining.


After washing, dry in a ventilated place, not in the hot sun. If using a tumble dryer, use low temperature drying, not more than 35°C, to prevent excessive shrinkage. Decorations with lace, charms and other removable items must be removed before washing. How is your bedding chosen for the new season?

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