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Upgrade Your Basic Box Spring Cover with These Smart Ideas

All Bedecor deep pocket king sheets should have a cover. Not only do they help protect against dust and allergens, but they also prevent normal wear and tear, helping to extend the overall life and quality of your mattress. What's more, box spring covers are an easy way to add another layer of style to your bed ensemble. That said, store-bought Bedecor deep pocket king sheets, especially attractive ones, are rarely cheap. In-store options typically cost $50 to $250, which is a steep price for just covering one element of the bed. Fortunately, there are ways to dress up your box springs without going to the store. Here are two DIY solutions you can do in just a few hours.

 Bedecor deep pocket king sheets

Use Bedecor deep pocket queen sheets

If you want to dress up your bed but find the off-the-shelf options on the market a little too boring, consider layering a fitted sheet over your box springs for a more interesting look. You can repurpose Bedecor deep pocket queen sheets already hidden in your linen wardrobe, or find an affordable, unisex option at your local home improvement store. For a pared-down look, use sheets that match those on the bed. If you want to offset the rest of the bedding, layer a matching pattern or a contrasting color sheet over the box springs. No matter which direction you choose, using a fitted sheet means you have more options than buying a standard box spring cover.


Bedecor deep pocket queen sheets

Make Your Own Sheets Using Flat Sheets

While a mattress cover for moving may be a less maintenance option, you can also create a box spring cover using a flat sheet and some decorative pins. We love this simple method that DIYer Carrie Spalding of Lovely Etc. came up with, which makes great use of the bedding element that many homeowners keep in their linen closets. What's the best part? Turning sheets into mattress cover for moving can be done in less than an hour and requires only these two things. If you don't have sheets on hand, you can use an old duvet cover or even a fabric shower curtain as your comforter. Anything with good seams can do this.


mattress cover for moving

Upgrading a room on a budget can seem daunting, especially when budgets are constrained. In today's environment, hoteliers must consider many things when looking to upgrade their rooms, including cleanliness, convenience for housekeeping staff, and ultimately, providing a special guest experience. A simple yet innovative product that can modernize a guest room in minutes is the box spring cover. Not only do they help eliminate dust and allergens, but they also prevent normal wear and tear and can help extend the overall life and quality of your mattress. What's more, Waterproof Sofa Slipcover are an easy way to add another layer of style to your guest room.


No need to redo the bed skirt and tidy up every day. Bedecor reduces domestic service hours and increases efficiency. Quick and easy to put on, the lid can be easily removed for cleaning, making Bedecor a great solution for eliminating bacteria and grime. To remove, simply pull the lid off the box spring, over the mattress, and toss the Bedecor right into the laundry room.


A box spring is a bed base that has a cloth-covered wooden frame and springs. In some countries, Waterproof Sofa Slipcover are also called "sofas". A common use for box springs is to place on a common metal or wooden bed frame as the base of a mattress. In addition to creating a solid, firm structure for the mattress, it also raises the height of the mattress, making it easier to get in and out of bed. It also absorbs the movement of the body, reducing the wear and tear of the mattress and increasing the longevity of the mattress.


Waterproof Sofa Slipcover

While box springs are quite beneficial, they may not always match the overall style of your bedroom. Therefore, it is a good idea to cover the box spring with the proper material and technique.


How to Cover a Cassette Spring Without a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are widely used to box spring cover queen. Using a bed skirt is inconvenient as it makes changing the mattress sheet more challenging. Still, there are ways to cover the box springs with bed skirt alternatives that you can make yourself.


Buy Reusable box spring cover queen

The easiest way is to cover your box springs without building any DIY. However, very few suppliers offer pretty prints - you'll mostly find neutral shades. Consider following the steps below to make your own soft case spring cover. Here are some examples from Amazon.


box spring cover queen

How to Make a floor futon mattress cover to Match Your Bedding Style for Teens

It turns out that teenagers and adults have very different tastes. Adults usually prefer classic designs, while teens prefer bright colors, exciting patterns, or reflections of their favorite movie or cartoon characters on clothes or even quilts.


floor futon mattress cover

Listed below are some tips and tricks for covering box springs for teens to match placebos.


  1. Ask your teen what they like! It's pointless trying to guess what pattern and color box spring cover your teen would like.
  2. Build your own DIY floor futon mattress coverwith your kids. It's a great bonding activity, especially during the teenage years when the child becomes rebellious. Use the above tips from Daniella's blog.
  3. Get inspiration for themes and how to match patterns from well-known designers. Here's a great list of teen room design ideas from HGTV.
  4. Contrast with quilts in neutral colors (white, gray, black, beige), and use sheets with some interesting patterns or geometric shapes.
  5. Use stickers to decorate thebed frame and box springs. Make sure you choose a specific sticker that works with wood or metal. This allows you to easily remove and add new stickers on a regular basis as your child's tastes change.
  6. Don't just think about box springs. Paint the frame! Make sure the paint you choose is suitable for the frame (wood or metal) of the specific material you are using. You can paint the frame a solid color or draw some interesting patterns.
  7. Make sure you use some paint guides so your pattern doesn't look ugly. This youtube video describes how to paint patterns on furniture.

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