Usually people are accustomed to single waterproof mattress protector on the bed surface

Usually people are accustomed to single waterproof mattress protector on the bed surface

Usually people are accustomed to single waterproof mattress protector on the bed surface


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Usually people are accustomed to single waterproof mattress protector on the bed surface. Generally, we often see styles with more curtains on both sides and covering the bed surface in the middle. Occasionally, we also see 5 sides (front, back, left, right, and top) surrounded by bedspreads specially used for Simmons.


The main function of the single waterproof mattress protector is really simple, that is, dustproof, and the main protection is that the sheets are dusted. Therefore, for ordinary people who clean the sheets, the use of the bedspread does not matter. Because the bedspread is very troublesome during use, every time you use it All need to be uncovered, and then put back after use, so people have developed a new habit of using bedspreads. That is to go to bed in plain clothes. In this way, the function of the bed is improved, and it is not only possible to go to bed when sleeping , With the best mattress protector for hot sleepers, you can lie down on the bed at any time.


Bedspread (the bedspread is generally purchased according to the size of the buyer's bed! The specifications are generally 150*200+45cm or 180*200+45cm. These two 45cms refer to the height from the bed cover to the skirt edge! In addition, the skirt must be played. pleated, this will use a lot of fabric, which is why the best mattress protector for hot sleepers is expensive, but now many small manufacturers use the bed cover to pretend to be a bed cover, the fundamental reason is because the cost of fabrics is low! Another point: most bedspreads should be inside A fitted sheet for Simmons, so it won't slide easily!)


How to distinguish between bed sheet type, terry waterproof mattress protector type and bed cover type


Sheet type, bedspread type, and bed cover type can be distinguished in terms of shape and function. The specific distinctions are as follows:


  1. Bed sheet:

(1) A square piece of fabric, with all four sides sewn together, is a bed sheet. Of course, its production process and craftsmanship are far more complicated and delicate than what I said.


(2) Classification: The length and width of the terry waterproof mattress protector are determined according to the size of the bed, and there are Chinese and Western styles. Chinese bed sheets are generally 210-228 cm in length and 100-200 cm in width. The fabric usually adopts heavy weave, change weave or joint weave, and the texture is thicker.


(3) Western-style cotton mattress protector with skirt are generally about 108 inches in length and 72, 80, and 90 inches in width. Generally, plain weave or twill weave is used, the fabric texture is thin, and most of the patterns are scattered all over the ground. Some products are brushed and have a good feel and warmth.


(4) When storing, please clean it first, dry it thoroughly, fold it neatly, and put in a certain amount of mothballs (not in direct contact with the product). It should be placed in a dark place with low humidity and good ventilation. Quilt products that have not been used for a long time can be dried in the sun before being reused to restore their fluffy.


(1) Generally refers to a more complicated cotton mattress protector with skirt, specifically refers to sticking a layer of fabric on the 3 sides of the bed sheet and hanging decorative lines! And the 2 corners are made into a circle, which is characterized by a layer with a welt, which looks good and easy to sag! Strictly speaking, some European-style bed sheets refer to this type of bed sheet! The bed cover is called quilted bed cover later.


(2) It should be washed clean when the seasons change, and stored in a dry place after drying. The areas with high humidity in the south should also be dried regularly. Bedding is generally not easy to be dirty in a large area, and is easy to clean and maintain. However, the washing and maintenance methods of different fabrics are very different. Before washing and maintenance, you should check the washing mark of each king size mattress protector zippered.


(3) When storing, it should be noted that dark and light-colored fabrics should be stored separately, folded neatly when storing, cotton fabrics are put in an appropriate amount of mothballs to prevent mildew on bedding, wool quilts and silks can also be used to prevent mildew and moth. method. However, moth balls should not be placed on silk and wool fabrics to avoid yellowing of the fabric; it can be placed in a place with suitable humidity and good ventilation.


(1) It is generally purchased according to the size of the buyer's bed. The specifications are generally 1.5*2m+45cm or 1.8*2m+45cm. These two 45cms refer to the height from the bed cover to the skirt edge.


(2) In addition, the skirt must be pleated, which will use a large amount of fabric, which is why the bedspread is expensive, but now many small manufacturers use the king size mattress protector zippered to pretend to be bedspreads. The fundamental reason is that the cost of fabrics is low! Another point: Most bedspreads should have rubber bands at the four corners to cover the Simmons, so that they won't slide easily.


Generally, we usually see the styles with more curtains on both sides and the middle covering the bed surface. Occasionally, we also see 5 sides. Surrounding bedspread exclusively for Simmons..


(4) The function of the zipped mattress cover single: The main function of the bed cover is to prevent dust, and the main protection is to prevent the sheets from falling off dust. The bed cover is very troublesome during use. People use bedspreads to form a new habit. That is, go to bed in plain clothes. In this way, the function of the bed is improved.


(5) Cleaning of zipped mattress cover single: Different bedding fabrics require different washing methods. Carefully read the washing instructions on the bedding labels. Bedding washing: first stir neutral detergent and dissolve it in water within 30 degrees, and then put the items to be washed; soak for about 10-15 minutes before washing, and then start rinsing; washed bedding should be Hang to dry, but do not expose to the sun for a long time.


Special precautions for sheet type, bed cover type, and zipped mattress protector waterproof type:


(a) Linen products should not be rubbed or twisted hard when washing (because the fibers are brittle and easy to fluff, which affects the appearance and lifespan).


(b) When collecting cotton and linen products, keep the environment clean and prevent mildew. Light-colored and dark-colored products should be stored separately to prevent shadow and yellowing.


(c) White silk products cannot be placed in mothballs or in camphor wood boxes, otherwise they will turn yellow.


(d) Except for the single-hole fiber pillow, all others can be washed, but because of its thickness, it must be fully aired to make it completely dry so that it will not affect the reuse. Usually it is best to use a pillowcase to avoid the trouble of washing.


The zipped mattress protector waterproof is a bedding that can be used to cover the bedspread. The bedspread is used on top of the bedsheets, and there are usually some laces around the bedspread, and except for the head of the bed, there is no sagging on the other three sides. About centimeters, it looks very whole. The perimeter of the bed cover has obvious ribs, and the sagging bed edges are connected with the bed sheet through the ribs. The main function of the bed cover is to prevent dust from falling on the sheets and bedding.


Sheets are wide fabrics used as Matratzenschoner Wasserdicht, which are made of pure cotton or blended yarns, and are woven individually on a wide loom with plain weave, twill weave, variable weave or jacquard weave. There are all white, plain color, color bar, color grid, printing, jacquard, burnt-out, embroidery and so on. Beautiful pattern, flat surface, cool hand feeling, firm and durable, it is a practical and decorative textile.


‍The bed sheet is the fabric used to cover the bed surface. When people rest, they can relax their body better and ensure their health when they want to sleep, while the bed cover protects the bed sheet from the daily dust pollution when people leave during the day. , in order to fully ensure the cleanliness of the sheets, and the Protège Matelas Imperméable can also increase the beauty of the bed.


Sheets are generally made of cotton fabrics, which are comfortable and healthy to cover on the body, while bedspreads can only be said to be beautiful and dustproof.


For bedding, in the beginning, the difference between a comforter and a sheet may not be very clear. Here's the difference between a bed cover and a bed sheet!


First of all, what we usually refer to as a Coprimaterasso Impermeabile is the rectangular piece of fabric that is placed under the bed when sleeping. The bed sheet is very simple, it is a rectangular fabric, and then the four sides are processed. Ordinary sheets are simply folded at the bottom, and better sheets will have lace or rounded corners. In short, the bed sheet is basically a rectangular fabric, mainly covering the bed.


Secondly, the most important feature of the Protector de Colchón is that it can be firmly covered on the bed, and the two corners by the head of the bed have elastic bands, which can fasten Simmons. Usually the width of the bed requires the size of the comforter. The function of the bed cover is the same as that of the bed sheet, but the main advantage is that the bed cover is placed on the bed, and it is not easy to slide while sleeping, while the bed sheet is easier to slide. If you are someone who is not very good at sleep, the Waterdichte Matrasbeschermer may roll up when sleeping. Uncomfortable, while using a bed cover would not have such a problem!

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