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5 Reasons Why You Need A Pillow Protector(Pillowcase).

According to research, an ordinary pillow hides at least 16 fungus, which can cause serious harm to your health. The filler inside the pillow is the place where the aphids and molds are most likely to grow.

Have you ever thought that you will touch the pillow every night when you sleep, your face, hair, body oil will touch the pillow, and these will be absorbed by your pillow?

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And all of this can be solved perfectly through the Pillow Protector

Waterproof Pillow Protector

Most of the stains come into the pillow through liquids, such as your sweat, saliva, body oil, and snot, which are the main culprit to dirty your pillow (of course, accidentally splashing water sometimes gets Dirty your Pillow).

One of the biggest features of the pillow protector is its ability to be waterproof, and the above liquid pillow protector are completely isolated, protector your pillow, preventing further contamination from occurring on your pillow and reducing the possibility of mold inside the pillow.

Dustproof, Anti-mite and Anti-Allergy

The pillow protector not only prevents liquid from entering the pillow protector, but also prevents dust and mites from entering. Because the pillow protector is designed to fully wrap the pillow, it can protect the pillow well.

In general, the external dust mites can't enter the pillow, and the mold lack the breeding environment, which can effectively achieve the anti-mildew effect. This is the second layer of anti-mildew measures, which can further reduce the possibility of mildew on pillow.

Easy to clean

Corresponding to the antifouling and antibacterial properties of the pillow protector, it is easy to clean. Let us assume that you have a lot of sweat on your pillow protector and bed cover because of the hot weather last night. In the morning, you find a smell and sweet stain on the pillowcase.

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Please don’t worry about this situation. The smell and stain is only on the pillow protector surface, not in the pillow inner. You only need to uninstall the pillow protector and put it into the washing machine for cleaning (low temperature cleaning and low temperature drying). The cleaning can effectively clean the stains and smell, then you can install it on pillows before going to bed.

Soft, Comfortable,Breathable and Healthy

Maybe you think that the pillow protector touch is hard to accept. This is not the case. The current pillow protector production process has been very advanced. For example, the terry cloth material pillow protector is very close to the skin, and the polyester braze pillow protector is the softest feeling of restoring the pillow and has no odor. All these materials are breathable, don’t worry about the extra heat generated by the pillow protector.

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The feel of the pillow protector has been able to achieve the same feeling as a pillow, and it is OEKO-certified. The pillow protector is free of toxic substances, which is no harm to your body and suitable for sensitive noses and some patients

Protects the Pillow Well

Through the introduction of the pillow protector above, it can be known that the pillow protector can completely protect the pillow (pillow core), and it is difficult for any liquid, dust mite and mold to enter the pillow, and the inside of the pillow is clean and safe.

One day you open the pillow, you will not find that the pillow has been contaminated by mold, the internal structure has been destroyed and cannot continue to use. This is the protective effect of the pillowcase.

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You have close contact with your pillow every day, so why not give her a protective measure, not only protect the pillow, but also protect your personal health.


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