Chemical fiber fabric must be worse than cotton? You do not know the Home textile knowledge  ~

Chemical fiber fabric must be worse than cotton? You do not know the Home textile knowledge ~

Most people buy clothes or bedding when the first concern is the fabric composition, the preferred fabric is pure cotton, compared to chemical fiber fabrics are less favored.

In some countries, few people agree that the performance of chemical fiber fabrics is better than that of natural fiber fabrics, but in countries such as the United States and Europe, the view is just the opposite: most Western consumers believe that chemical fiber fabrics have more superior performance in terms of comfort, functionality and high sensibility.

So is it really as amazing as it says?

Purely from the point of view of fiber characteristics, cotton is better than chemical fiber fabrics

The primary factor affecting the skin friendliness is the moisture absorption of the fabric. According to the metric moisture return rate, the higher the moisture return rate, the better the moisture absorption.

Moisture recovery rate
Cotton 6-9%
Silk 8-9%
Viscose fiber 12-13%
Acrylate 1.0-1.5%
Polyester 0.4-0.7%

In the dry winter, the skin needs to maintain a certain amount of moisture in order to feel comfortable, and cotton as a high rate of moisture return of the fabric, absorbing moisture in the air can moisturize the skin, naturally very comfortable fabric.

In sweating more chemical fiber fabrics will be better than cotton

From the skin-friendly point of view cotton is indeed better than other fabrics, but cotton fabric also has its disadvantages:

  1. Easy to wrinkle and difficult to flatten, easy to shrink after washing, poor elasticity and easy to deformation
  2. Easy to sticky hair is difficult to remove, if you have pets at home will be more unsuitable
  3. Not acid resistant, not easy to clean when in contact with acidic liquids

At the same time, because of the cotton moisture absorption reasons, in contact with sweat is not easy to dry quickly, easy to cause bacterial reproduction, so the intimate clothing bedding needs to be changed frequently.

And after processing the chemical fiber fabric can single guide moisture, the use of fabric inside and outside the fabric of the hydrophilic, hydrophobic different, that is, the outer layer of the fabric hydrophilic and most of the inner layer hydrophobic, sweat from a small part of the inner hydrophilic parts of the transfer to the hydrophilic outer layer of the fabric, and in the outer layer of rapid evaporation.

Most of the hydrophobic inner layer so that the human body sweat when wearing non-stick, coupled with the rapid evaporation of water from the outer layer of the fabric to take away a lot of heat, which in turn makes the body feel cool.

Chemical fiber fabric also has good comfort after processing

Functional aspects of chemical fiber fabrics are far more than cotton

Chemical fibers, as man-made polymers, can be pre-designed for functionality before production and processing.

It can be processed to enhance the antistatic and skin-friendly functions of fabrics, add antibacterial agents to make them antibacterial, and add mineral micropowder to make them low radiation function or far-infrared radiation function.


With the advancement of technology, functional fabrics are also emerging, many businesses on the market with hyaluronic acid and other functions sell products at high prices, consumers must pay attention to whether the product has the corresponding functional inspection report when buying.


After reading these you are not also on the chemical fiber fabric has some change of mind, in the choice of fabric cotton is not the only choice, sometimes choose chemical fiber will also have a good experience. If you like to focus on Bedecor, I will bring you to give more interesting knowledge points.

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