Don't let your self-righteousness ruin your home bed sheets!!! How to clean common fabrics?

Don't let your self-righteousness ruin your home bed sheets!!! How to clean common fabrics?

"Why are my bedsheets shrinking? Why is my comforter faded? Why is my blanket pilling? I must have been pitted by unscrupulous businessmen again, really capitalists are bloodsuckers, next time never go to their home to buy." Once encountered bed shrinkage, fading, pilling and other problems, there are certainly a lot of people will be indignant to blame the merchants, blamed on product quality.

However, it is really the merchant to give inferior quality products?


In fact, the occurrence of such a situation, more than 80% may be your own problems.

Think the bedding is too dirty, do not like to use bleach to soak a bubble? Directly put the detergent drops on top of the fabric, do not think it will be washed more clean? Worried about not being clean, do you want to let the washing machine wash for an hour? Too much dirt, do you think a wash with hot water will be good?

More than 80% of the wash bedding, most of the detergent trouble, of course, the accomplices and washing time and washing temperature, do not let your self-righteousness ruin your home bedsheets.

Soap, washing powder and other alkaline detergents, put into the washing machine need to dissolve in water first, otherwise, there will be local fading uneven, of course, the best choice to use neutral detergent. Do not foolishly use high temperature sterilization, high temperature sterilization at the same time will also make the bed fade, the general common temperature, within 30 ℃. Soak washing time should not exceed 30 minutes, if not clean, it can not blame anyone, who let you lazy it, at least once a half-month wash is always needed.

Different materials of bedding have different washing methods and techniques, some common sense or need to master.



Cotton fabric

Pure cotton can be washed with soap or other detergents, before washing, can be placed in water for a few minutes, but not too long, so as not to damage the color. General washing temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, reverse washing is appropriate, sweat stains of cotton fabric avoid soaking in hot water, so as not to appear yellow sweat spots. Keep the temperature below 110℃ when ironing, fold neatly when collecting, light and dark fabrics should be stored separately to prevent shadow color and yellowing.

Cotton and linen fabrics

When washing hemp fiber than cotton fabrics, some gently, do not rub, do not twist, do not use hot water, do not expose to the sun to avoid product shrinkage, deformation, fading. Ironing temperature below 110 ℃, ventilation and light storage can be.



Polyester and cotton fabrics

Use general conventional detergent at room temperature can be, first soak in cold water for 15 minutes, the water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃. After washing, generally can be dehydrated or gently wrung out by hand, placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, not exposed to the sun, should not be dried, can be low-temperature ironing to avoid.

Silk fabric

Try to wash in water instead of dry cleaning, first add the right amount of neutral detergent in cold water, wait for complete dissolution, then immerse the silk fabric, gently hand wash, do not rub and twist, so as not to damage the fabric and luster. After full cleaning, roll in a towel and squeeze out the excess water. Then along the fabric stitching wipe plane material, drying in the air circulation and no direct sunlight place, in the fabric drying to 80% dry, with a white cloth to cover the reverse side of the silk fabric, along the fabric warp low temperature ironing, iron temperature should be adjusted between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, otherwise it will lead to yellowing, ironing, do not spray water, storage, do not put mothballs or put in the camphor box.



Lace fabric

Put the lace products in the laundry bag, neutral detergent washing, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach and other detergents that are harmful to the fabric. The reverse side of the quilt cover with lace is washed, and after washing, the lace part is padded and ironed at low temperature, which can keep the lace pattern from distorting and deforming.

Wool fabric

Normal temperature water washing, it is recommended to use silk and wool detergent, not to use detergent containing biological enzymes, avoid long time soaking, can be dry-cleaned or washed, medium temperature ironing.

Brushed fabric

Water temperature is kept at about 30 ℃ is appropriate, high temperature, strong washing, soaking for a long time these may lead to damage to the fibers of brushed fabrics, it is best to wash the reverse side and dry the front. In the first 3 washes of brushed wool products, hair loss is more common. In order to make the brushed wool bedding reduce the hair loss situation, the most effective way is to wash diligently.



In life, there will always be a lot of trouble, such as the washing and collection of bedding, poor control is ruined. So, you just need to choose to wash your bedding once every half month, without strong stain remover, long time washing, exposure to the sun and other methods, basically it is not easy to make your four-piece set fade, wrinkle, pilling.

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