High pillow or low pillow? You need to know the pillow tips

High pillow or low pillow? You need to know the pillow tips

The long Easter holiday is over in a flash, and with it comes the helpless "post-holiday syndrome". Many friends are lethargic and distracted at work, and after returning home, they can not afford to fight, physically and mentally exhausted and poor sleep quality.
Lying in bed can not sleep, many people's first reaction is a pillow problem, think the pillow is too low, the neck does not get support, is the real reason why they can not sleep, the so-called "high pillow". But in fact, long-term sleep high pillow, the probability of falling pillow is greater, and also lurks a lot of more serious harm.

Sleeping high? The dangers of a high pillow

Because the pillow is too high, no matter what position to sleep with the longitudinal axis of the neck and the longitudinal axis of the torso to produce a certain angle, not only affect the sleep, but also may produce the pillow. Do not underestimate the height of the pillow when you sleep, long-term pillow with a higher pillow will also bring the following hazards: 

1. clinically, the high pillow is a common cause of the pillow, aggravating cervical spondylosis.

If you sleep on a pillow too high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, making muscle fatigue injury and ligament strain strain, resulting in spasm, inflammation, etc., and symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness, dizziness, etc.

2. high pillow will increase the angle of the neck and chest, so that tracheal ventilation is blocked, easily leading to dry throat, sore throat and snoring. There is no shortage of people, because of frequent pillow very high pillow, but also head hypoxia, followed by a lack of blood supply to the brain, a wake up and no feeling of refreshment, but more tired.

3. long-term sleep high pillow, will make your back muscles have been in a very tense state, in such a tense muscle, will lead to abnormalities in your blood flow, shoulder aches and pains constantly aggravated, but also the chest pressure, preventing normal breathing.



Generally speaking, people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma need to sleep on high pillows; people suffering from low blood pressure, anemia need to sleep on low pillows.

Therefore, the high pillow and can not worry, since the high pillow can bring us this much harm, then simply do not use the pillow how?


Low pillow no disease? The dangers of low pillow

Some friends around after suffering from cervical spondylosis, think that no pillow can be conducive to recovery, in fact, this idea is not scientific. This situation when people lie on their backs excessively back, easy to open mouth breathing, and then produce dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat and snoring phenomenon.

And the pillow is too low will accelerate the cervical degenerative lesions.


The pillow is too low, the head and neck is bound to over-tilt, the convexity curvature increases, so that the muscles and ligaments in front of the vertebrae are overstressed, over time there will be fatigue, and even cause chronic injury, accelerating degenerative lesions. In addition, the pillow is too low will also make the blood supply is not too balanced, easy to cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa, and the nasal mucosa is very sensitive, a swelling will affect breathing. If the neck and shoulders in a wake up after the phenomenon of soreness, it may also be too low pillow or do not use the pillow caused.


What height of the pillow is suitable for us?

Pillow too high or too low are not conducive to our health, the height of the pillow, to supine head and torso to maintain the level of appropriate, that is, supine pillow height of a fist, side lying pillow height of a fist and a half. Generally speaking, the pillow height to 10-15 cm more appropriate, the specific size also depends on the physiological curvature of each person.



In addition to the height of the pillow, pillow soft and hard, the type is also important

Too hard pillow, the contact area with the head is small, the pressure increases, the scalp is not comfortable; conversely, the pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the neck muscle is easy to fatigue, is also not conducive to sleep, and the head trapped between, affecting blood circulation. Therefore, the pillow should be selected slightly softer, without losing a certain degree of hardness.

Choice of pillow insert.

Buckwheat bark, cassia, silica sand and grain: can ensure the breathability of the pillow, only the elasticity is poor.

Pu velvet: soft texture, good ventilation, can be adjusted at any time the height
mung bean shells: not only good ventilation, and cool relief, such as adding the right amount of tea or mint is better, but mainly used in summer.

High-quality memory foam pillow: can ensure good elasticity, breathability is slightly lacking. It is recommended that patients with cervical spondylosis choose a cervical pillow with medical rehabilitation function.



Cotton fiber pillow: malleable, fluffy and breathable, soft and fit the neck, and the material is derived from natural health, suitable for all year round.

Having said that, we must have a more scientific basis for choosing the height of the pillow, "high pillow without worry, low pillow without disease" literally can not be "practice"!

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