Home textile knowledge: towel selection dry goods丨How to choose the towel bath towel at home often?

Home textile knowledge: towel selection dry goods丨How to choose the towel bath towel at home often?

Whether it's a trip to the beach, swimming and fitness, or the usual shower at home, towels (towels / bath towels) are a good companion to dry our bodies in time after the shower.

As an essential item in the daily home, "towel" Bedecor editor today also share with you some knowledge about wool bath towels, and how to pick a qualified towel, come and see!

We start from the main selling points of towels currently on the market, which are also the main points we consider when choosing towels.


Raw materials

Good cotton yarn is the only way to have good towels. Towel yarn count in 16, 21, 32 counts mostly, the lower the count towel more coarse, the higher the count towel more skin-friendly. 30 counts of towels above the high count yarn. In addition to the count, also look at the yarn.

The yarn is divided into twist yarn and non-twist yarn, weak twist yarn, non-twist yarn towel is lighter and thinner. In terms of strength and durability, twisted yarn > weakly twisted yarn > twist-free yarn; in terms of verticality and breathability, twisted yarn < weakly twisted yarn < twist-free yarn. In terms of quality of yarn, generally cotton will use American long-staple cotton, Egyptian long-staple cotton, Xinjiang long-staple cotton for yarn.



Main properties of towels

1、Water absorption

The absorbency of the towel can be said to be one of the decisive criteria for testing whether the towel is good or bad.

--So what does the absorbency of towels have to do with?

--Cotton fiber length, twist factor, softener affect the towel absorbing water fast and slow; terry height and density are affecting how much water the towel absorbs.



Cotton fiber length is the length of the cotton yarn mentioned earlier, the length of ordinary cotton in 28-31 mm, long-staple cotton in 35-42 mm; process each terry to increase 2-3 loose twist spiral, increasing the skin contact area, can do a touch dry; softener also has an impact on the towel absorbency, if the use of hydrophilic softener, touching water that is dissolved, this is also the towel more wash the harder the reason This is also one of the reasons why towels become harder and harder after washing.

(Twist: The twist angle of the yarn is twisted one turn for one twist back. The number of twists per unit length of the yarn is called twist. Our cotton yarn uses the special number system twist, that is, the number of twists in 10 cm yarn length)

And the density and height of the towel affects the amount of water absorption, we live in a five-star hotel, will feel the hotel thickened towels absorb water faster and absorb more water, is because of its high density high spiral reasons.

The absorbency of the towel will be clearly marked in the product's test report, if the absorbency of the partner is particularly concerned, you can ask the businessman to show the test report.



2、Does it shed hair?

Hair loss is also a point of concern for consumers in the process of using towels, towel hair removal rate is also clearly marked in the product test report: hair removal rate ≤ 1. Share with you a method that can significantly remove the floating hair of towels: the use of dryers. We visited some customers who use bath towels, and they shared with us the way of washing her towels, which can effectively avoid the floating hair situation when using them.


3、Size gram mage

This is closely related to each consumer's use habits and use scenarios. Take the use of bath towels in five-star hotels as an example, each size of towel corresponds to a different use scenario.

Five-star hotel square towel: not less than 320 mm×320 mm, weight not less than 55g, mainly for hand wiping or makeup removal.

Five-star hotel face towel: not less than 700 mm×400 mm, weight not less than 150g, mainly for wiping face or wrapping hair.

Five-star hotel bath towel: not less than 1500mmx800mm, weight not less than 800g, mainly for wiping the body after bathing.

Five-star hotel floor towel: not less than 750 mm×450 mm, weight not less than 350g. It is mainly placed outside the shower room or bathtub for standing on it after taking off shoes to prevent dripping or anti-slip.

We can choose the suitable towel size according to the home or business trip.

It is worth mentioning again that the size and size of the woolen bath towels of Concentra follow the standard of the high-end hotel woolen bath towels, which are larger and thicker compared to the ordinary household, which gives the towels good water absorption performance and the wrapping of the body after bathing, but if you prefer thin towels, you need to weigh more when choosing.




Towels need to ensure softness and comfort in addition to water absorption. Hotel towels should ensure both its high hair ratio (hair ratio is the total length of the 18 terry towels), but also to meet the softness of the terry to ensure normal use of demand.

5、Color fastness.

Color fastness usually includes washability color fastness and wear resistance color fastness. Washing color fastness refers to the degree of fading of dyed fabric after washing under the specified washing conditions, including the original color change and white cloth staining two. Wear fastness refers to the color change caused by external friction, divided into dry friction and wet friction, the former with dry cloth friction fabric, see the white cloth staining; the latter with water containing white cloth friction dyeing fabric, see the white cloth staining, general wet friction fastness is slightly lower than dry friction fastness.

6、Whether pilling.

The quality of raw materials to determine whether the towel pilling, usually, cotton towels in the beginning of use will have a slight pilling phenomenon, but with the increase in the number of uses, the hairball will fall off on its own. More hairballs and more hair feathers indicate that the towel's cotton yarn grade is poor, and vice versa.



In addition to the above three points, the towel's also contains intrinsic quality and external quality, to learn!

The technical requirements of towel fabric are divided into two aspects: intrinsic quality and external quality. Intrinsic quality includes weight, density, breaking strength, shedding rate, etc.; appearance quality includes line block, strip, dispersion, breakage, printing and dyeing finishing and other defects.

1、Intrinsic quality requirements: weight deviation - weight can be checked as long as the method of weighing. Generally use 10 strips a weighing (or a dozen a weighing).

Warp and weft density - the identification method is to measure the number of terry per inch, usually, the more the number of terry, the higher the density, the better the quality of the towel.

Breaking strength - Breaking strength is the maximum force recorded during the tensile test conducted under the specified conditions, the sample is pulled off, which is directly related to the service life of the product. Usually, the breaking strength of hotel towels is higher than the standard of home textiles.


2, appearance quality demand general demand towel terry evenly, sewing edge neat, length consistent, hair flower smoothly. Towel surface should be no broken diameter, broken weft, thin road, dense road, bald hair, uneven terry, hair edge and other phenomena, in addition, towel should be clean and tidy, no oil stains, rust stains, holes, residual edge, no residual threads. Sewing requires beautiful stitching, strong and firm, sewing line should be consistent with the color of the towel, no open feet, wrinkles, silk ring, floating line, jumping needle and other phenomena.


Product standards in towels.

Weight deviation (weight when converted to a nominal moisture return rate of 8.0%): -3.5%.

Breaking strength: longitudinal > 220 N, weft > 180 N, the strength of general hotel towels should be higher than this value by more than 1.3 times.

Towel specification size is usually divided into two categories: one is the delivery size and the other is the washing size; the deviation of specification size is +4~-2.5%, and the total length and total width are measured at 1/4 of the towel from both sides or both ends.


Defective spots including line blemishes, strip blemishes, block blemishes, oil stains, color blocks, etc.

Color fastness usually includes washing fastness and abrasion fastness, which should be 3-4 for both medium and light colors.

The precision of the fabric is controlled by reed, reed number is the number of reed teeth per two inches length, thus the higher the reed number, the higher the warp density of the fabric, and the strength also increases. High-density towel not only has the feature of long service life, but also has thick hand feel and full pattern, which is a bit higher in relative price.

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