Home textile knowledge:How to use, care and maintain the bedding silk comforter in life

Home textile knowledge:How to use, care and maintain the bedding silk comforter in life

Silk is a natural fiber that is light, soft and fine in nature, known as the "second skin of the human body", known as the "Queen of Fibers". Its main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure and human skin is the most similar, 87% is exactly the same, containing a variety of essential amino acids, wind, dehumidification, tranquilization, nourishing and balancing the effectiveness of human skin. Silk is smooth, breathable, soft, moisture-absorbent, non-itchy and anti-static characteristics make it the best material for making intimate clothing, and silk as the inner quality of the silk quilt has a close warmth, fluffy and soft, breathable health and other unique qualities and advantages. In ancient times, the quilts of noblemen and royal relatives were all made of silk. Therefore, silk quilts are the most comfortable quilts.



The use of silk quilts:


1, using bedding four-piece set:

  Silk quilt core outside should be covered with a quilt cover before use, otherwise the core is easily stained with dust and stains. Do not press on the quilt or wrap the quilt under your body when you sleep, so you can keep the silk quilt fluffy. Children using silk quilts should be prevented from wetting the bed, while avoiding children jumping around on top of the quilt.

2, cleaning bedding four-piece set

  If the cover is dirty, you can remove it and wash it with cold water. Silk quilt core can not be washed, not dry cleaning, not chlorine bleach, not ironing. If stained, it is best to go to a professional dry cleaner with a special detergent for local wiping, and then dry at low temperature to prevent shrinkage of the fabric. If the stain is not large, you can use neutral detergent to gently wipe.

3, drying bedding four-piece set

  If the newly made silk quilt has a smell of silk chrysalis, put it in a ventilated place to dry for two days. Silk quilt should be dried in due time, 1-2 weeks as an interval, 1-2 hours each time is appropriate. Do not put the quilt under the hot sun for a long time, this will destroy the proteins in the silk quilt, causing the silk to break. After the sun is well patted with your hand, you can keep the fluffy feeling.

4, storage bedding four-piece set

  Before storage to dry once to try to exclude internal moisture. Do not store in a humid and stuffy environment or in a plastic bag to prevent silk from dampness, which produces odor, loss of warmth and breathability. Avoid heavy pressure, do not stack heavy things on top of the quilt to avoid thinning and hardening. Do not use chemicals such as mothballs to avoid contamination of silk.



Silk quilt washing method:


  1、Silk quilt has 3 layers, silk, inner cover, quilt cover, silk + inner cover is the so-called core, can not be washed (except for the washable silk cooler). The cover can be removed and washed. So there is a cover to protect the general inside will not be dirty.

  2, silk is not easy to generate static electricity, so it will not absorb dust and dirt like chemical fiber quilt and wool quilt. The inside is very clean even after years of use. So don't worry.

  3, if the inside of the core accidentally stained, you can use a neutral detergent to partially wipe in the shade to dry. You can go to the dry cleaner to do local treatment if you can't handle it yourself.



Care of silk quilts:


  Silk quilts are relatively easy to care for. Silk quilts are stored in a place where they will not moth and mold; usually, you just need to pat the quilt often to increase the fluffiness of the quilt. Of course, there are also some small details to remind you that you should pay attention to during use: 1. Try to cover the silk quilt with a quilt cover again. 2. Do not run, jump, roll and crawl on the quilt to keep it flexible and soft. 3. Dry it in a well-ventilated environment, do not expose it to the sun.

  In order to better maintain the silk quilt and increase its service life, after the winter, when preparing the collection should do: 1, first air dry, and then fold the collection after the quilt cools. 2, do not place mothballs and other things inside the quilt. 3, stored in a cool and dry place, do not press the top of heavy objects.



Silk quilt maintenance tips:

  1. Bedding cleaning frequency can be based on personal hygiene habits. When first used, rinse with water can be at the first time, the surface of the pulp can be printed quality and color wash floating, will be more flexible to use, will not be more easily faded wash.

  2. In addition to more specific materials and countries can not be washed (such as silk), in general, washing procedures: the first neutral detergent washing water, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃ until the detergent is completely dissolved, then to the bedding, soaking time should not be too long. Because the use of alkaline detergent or laundry detergent is not the average water temperature is too high or too long may be dissolved or soaked unnecessary decay of the case. At the same time, wash cleaning supplies separately from the dark light industrial products to avoid another stain. After washing in outdoor ventilation, dry, use dryer, please use low temperature drying, the temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, so as to avoid excessive shrinkage. In short, should read carefully before cleaning products washing instructions to avoid damage.

  3. Collect clean, completely dry, fold neatly and put a certain amount of mothballs (not in direct contact with the product), should be placed in a dark, low humidity, well-ventilated place. Long-term silk quilt can not be used, can be reused before the sun to restore fluffy.

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