How to choose a cost-effective down pillow when spring is in full bloom?

How to choose a cost-effective down pillow when spring is in full bloom?

Everyone should know it! Sleep is very important for us. After having enough sleep, we can have a full energy to engage in study and work. To have a good sleep environment is inseparable from the good bedding. Today I'll take the pillow! The benefits of the pillow directly affects our sleeping comfort. Now the home market is very many types of whole head, which there is a pillow called down pillow do you know? Next, I'll introduce it for everyone well!

Goose Down Pillow

The down pillow is a pillow made from down as a filler. Compared to chemical fiber pillow, down pillow, although the price is relatively high, but the effect is really chemical fiber pillow and other incomparable, then down pillow are to what benefits and drawbacks?


  1. Easy to store: because the down pillow is used down as raw material, so the lightest weight in the pillow type, and after compression, it will become very small, easy to store and organize the usual, will not take up too much space.
  2. Good warmth:The down filling contains a lot of air, which can effectively block the invasion of cold air. It can play a role in keeping warm when used in winter.
  3. Good practicality:As one of the relatively high-priced pillow types, the practicality of the down pillow is also higher by a large margin. It not only has a good support effect on the cervical spine, under the premise of proper maintenance, the service life is also very long. In daily use, if there is a phenomenon such as dent, the original shape can be restored by gently patting with your hand.
  4. Dry and breathable:The down pillow also has the property of dry and breathable. It can discharge the moisture emitted by the body, etc., to keep the sleeping environment fresh and clean.
Canadian Down and Feather

Although the down pillow by many advantages, but its disadvantages can not be ignored.
  1. More expensive: its price is relatively expensive compared to other pillows, especially the higher the quality of down the more expensive, so that some people who usually know less about the pillow is discouraged.
  2. Cleaning difficulties:The cleaning process of down pillows is a huge process. Down will shrink into a ball when it encounters water, and if the cleaning process is not protected, it will greatly reduce the comfort of the down pillow as well as the pillow's puffiness. Similar to the down jacket, etc., if you do not clean well also need to be sent to a special cleaning store for cleaning, which increases the cost and effort of maintenance.
  3. Down out: down pillow use a long time, will encounter the situation of down out, down becomes sparse will also affect the comfort of the down pillow. If the situation is more serious, you need to consider replacing the pillow with a new one.
  4. Causes allergies: This is for specific groups of people. Some people belong to the allergy-prone body, down pillows are prone to cause allergies in such people, then it is not recommended to buy down pillows.

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Here we will elaborate on the four aspects to note when buying a down pillow

  • Down pillow filling capacity
    Down filling, as the name implies, is the total weight of the down.
    The down pillow filling is how much weight of down is filled inside the pillow core, the unit is generally grams.
    If you want a higher height down pillow, then the amount of down filling should be more, relatively less, this mainly depends on your needs.
  • Down content of down pillow
    The down content of a down pillow is the percentage of down content.
    For example, a down pillow with a 95% down content means that 95% of the pillow core is down, and the remaining 5% is feathers.
    Does it mean that the higher the down content of the pillow, the more comfortable it is to sleep on?
    Answer: Yes.
    If you have used a down pillow with more than 90% down, you will not buy a down pillow with less than 90% down, because all aspects of comfort are much worse.
    It is not that the down content of less than 90% of the down pillow is not good, but the problem of comfort, the higher the down content of the down pillow, the better the comfort.
  • Fluffiness of down pillows
    The fluffiness of a down pillow, which is measured in FP, is the value of cubic inches of volume per thirty grams.
    The higher the FP, the better the breathability of the down pillow.
    When choosing a down pillow, I think the value of fluffiness must be at least 500+ to work.
    The fluffiness is not 500 + down pillow, it's breathable and sponge pillow is no different.
  • The cleanliness of the down pillow
    The cleanliness of the down pillow is actually the amount of impurities in the down.
    The higher the cleanliness of the pillow, the less impurities in the down.
    For some people with sensitive skin, the cleanliness of the pillow is very important, because the cleanliness means that the impurities of the down is less, so it is not easy to use allergies, so you need to choose a high degree of cleanliness of the down pillow.
    For people with sensitive skin, when buying a down pillow, it is recommended to choose a cleanliness of 1000 and above, such as the following five-star hotel down pillow 95% white goose down, cleanliness is 1000 +.

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If you are not a sensitive skin group, when buying a down pillow, a cleanliness of 800 is sufficient, and this cleanliness will not have any effect on health.

Often people ask us, down pillows can be washed with water? Now many people hear some different voices, saying that you can wash with water but in a scientific way, saying that you can't wash with water for fear of breaking. Pillows can not be washed, today Bedecor sleep home through this article to tell you the method.
In fact, down pillows can be washed with water, but customers are not too careful when washing, so often wash bad, and then the businessman told everyone not to wash with water. Although it solves the problem of being washed off and looking for trouble, the problem is that the dirty pillow is left to the customer.

Down pillows can be washed with water, but down pillows are made of goose down from naturally grown geese, such as Bedecor down pillows can also be seen through the viewing hole with many large goose down, which is why the down pillows have very good ventilation and moisture absorption properties.
If the usual down pillow always wet cleaning, it must be dried, in the drying process it is easy to sunlight exposure caused by the down to break, affecting the use.

You should put the down pillow in a large washbasin filled with water, soak the down pillow, and then squeeze the down pillow with your hands to clean the dust inside. Or put it in a larger sink, turn on the tap to rinse the surface of the down pillow, and then squeeze the pillow to clean it.
Usually if small stains, you can gently large use a fine brush to clean it. After washing the down pillow, you can wrap it up with a towel, which has a very good water absorption capacity and can suck out the water in the down pillow.

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At the same time, to protect the drying, the external dust is not easy to re-enter the pillow interior, so as not to second contamination of the pillow. In addition, the down pillow can not be exposed to the sun, because the down is very fine, easy to be sunburned, to be put into a cool dry place of ventilation drying.
Specific sun drying time, you can check Bedecor sleep home other strategy. Note that down pillows have certain natural anti-mite antibacterial properties, usually well protected, do not need to wash often. If you wash it often, the down pillow has certain damage.

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