How to choose a suitable quilt according to the material?How to maintain the quilt?

How to choose a suitable quilt according to the material?How to maintain the quilt?

Everyone wants to find a quilt that suits them, so how do you pick one?
I will introduce each of the four categories of fiber, cotton, wool, and silk down quilts.

  1. Traditional representative: Cotton quilt
    Cotton as the traditional warm material, due to the fineness of cotton fiber has a natural curl, good warmth without additives, airtight, thick, good warmth, soft and breathable, the price range between 70-90USD.

  2. Cost-effective representative: fiber quilt
    Fiber quilt can be divided into four-hole, seven-hole quilt, etc. Theoretically, the more fiber holes the stronger the warmth, fluffy and not easy to mold and insects, can be washed, the price is low, but also the ideal type of the public, the price range is between 20-50USD.

  3. Moisture absorption representative: wool quilt
    Wool fiber has good curl characteristics, because wool has good drapability, so the fit is good, moisture absorption and wicking ability is very strong, ideal for people who do not sleep faithfully, people who love to kick the quilt and people who sleep easily sweat, the price range is between 80-150USD.

  4. Light and soft representative: silk quilt
    The main component of silk is animal protein fiber, containing more than a dozen amino acids, water absorption is 1.5 cotton was, silk was covered in a soft warm, not cotton was so pressed body, anti-mite anti-bacterial, for some people with sensitive skin is more recommended Jian silk was, the price range between 150-250USD.

  5. Fluffy representative: down comforter
    The down comforter is divided into two kinds: duck down and goose down, and those with down content above 50% are of high quality, which can keep the comforter clean and the body dry. Therefore, it is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and children with high blood pressure, heart disease and poor blood circulation, and the price range is more than 150USD.

How do we take care of our winter quilts?

In addition to the famous label on the quilt can be washed, the general quilt is not washable, especially the thick quilt in winter. The quilts that have been covered for a long time can be taken out to air dry. However, for different materials of the quilt, its drying method is also different. We have made a summary and hope it can help you. Did you know? Put a summer quilt, do not take out on the direct use, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to the body!

Why is this the case?

Because the fall and winter quilts that have been sleeping in the cupboard for several months have not been exposed to sunlight for a long time because they have been in a dark and closed environment with no ventilation. At this time the quilt must have bred a large number of mites, if not treated, taken out directly cover words, will cause skin allergies, red spots, acne and other skin diseases. In addition, if the humid areas and coastal areas, more rain in the summer, in a dark and humid environment, will mold breeding bacteria. Smell the quilt you just took out of the cupboard, most of them have a sour smell, sleep on such a quilt, long-term inhalation of these odors, light leads to dizziness and dryness affect the quality of sleep, heavy may lead to lung bacterial infection!

So how do we deal with these quilts before going to bed so that they don't affect our health? One is to get rid of mites, the second is to remove the odor on the quilt. For mites and bacteria, the most common and cost-effective way, is - sun! But in terms of sun quilts, there are many ways to learn, many people will not sun quilts, the home quilt sun broken bed after bed. Because different materials of the quilt sun method is also different.

The quilt should be cared for in this way

First, you must pick a sunny day
The quilt must be chosen in a sunny weather time, windy and hazy days, naturally, is not, this weather quilt will only make your quilt more and more dirty.

Second, the drying time should be chosen right
The early morning temperature is not suitable for drying quilts, while the evening dampness slowly out, easy to let the quilt back to moisture is also not suitable for drying. Drying should not be too long, the quilt is not the longer the better, spring, autumn and winter usually in the morning 10:00 to 2:00 pm, generally two or three hours on the sun can be. In summer, 10 am to 3 pm is more appropriate, generally about 1 hour on the sun can be.

Third, adjust the posture
The quilt is generally first sunshine (is close to your body to sleep) side, as much as possible, both warm and sterilization, and then flip the sun after a full hour and a half, the quilt side is not suitable for a long time exposure, sunshine half an hour on almost. Well, you can sleep on both sides of the quilt, so let's sunbathe 。。。。

Fourth, how often to dry it?
That is to say, March without sunbathing, 100,000 mites to sleep with you!
The diligent people once a month sunshine best.
A little lazy and no time people that you at least three months also have to sunshine it.

Fifth, don't ever beat your quilt again!
Many people like to pat their quilts hard after drying them, saying that they beat off the dust and also make them fluffier. Alas, what did the quilt do wrong? Exposure to the sun a day not to mention, but also so beat it! I do not know, the cotton fiber is thick and short, but also fragile, patting the quilt will make the cotton fiber break into cotton dust to run out, if the quilt fell on the dust, you can use a brush brush, shake a shake also ah, gentle a little bad?

Sixth, storage
If the quilt after the sun, temporarily do not use, to store up, to take the cover also take down a wash and sun, in addition, fold up, put a piece of soap into it, both to get rid of insects and make your quilt smell good.

Different methods of drying different quilts

Note: This is a note, many partners because of the previous do not understand, the home quilt hold out a messy sun, the result is a bad sun bed and a bed, quickly move to a small bench to listen well.

Chemical fiber quilt

Chemical fiber fabrics made of cotton quilts should not be exposed to the sun, when the sun needs to cover the quilt with a layer of cloth. To prevent the temperature is too high bake bad chemical fiber.

Down comforter

The down comforter is very good at absorbing and wicking moisture, so you don't need to dry it frequently, and you can't expose it to the sun; you only need to dry it for 1 hour in a shaded and ventilated place.

Silk quilt

Silk quilt light ventilation is not working, need to dry in the sun for 2 hours.
Remember not to be exposed to strong light for a long time, so that the silk does not become brittle and affect the warmth.

Wool quilt

Wool quilt should pay special attention to this quilt must not be exposed to direct sunlight, the best way is to put it in a place with good air circulation to ventilate for an hour.

Cotton quilt

This quilt is more resistant to tossing and turning, very resistant to sunlight, so just pick a time when the sun is strong to hold out to dry. Generally drying a 1 to 3 hours is enough.


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