How to properly care for your mattress ?

How to properly care for your mattress ?

We spend one third of our lives sleeping ; and the quality is good or bad, and greatly affects the remaining two-thirds of the wonderful degree of life. Spring has come. Many friends are beginning to change to the new mattress or maintenance mattress. They must pay attention to changing the mattress to personally try to sleep and see the mattress material. The maintenance mattress must pay attention to the method!
Quality sleep makes us relax, forget, indulge and escape. After a long day of work, it is very important to get enough quality sleeps / slept to give our body and mind a thorough cushion.
Insufficient sleep, incorrect sleep positions, excessive daily stress, uncomfortable mattresses, etc., will not help our body and mind, but will lead to increasing fatigue, which directly affects the state of our daily activities the next day.
Sleep is the foundation of health, and as the bedding that has the longest contact time with people every day, the hygiene and comfort of the mattress are extremely important. A clean, tidy and comfortable mattress is the only way to have a baby's sleep. Learn a few tricks to maintain the mattress, to ensure the quality of sleep, but also to extend the life of the mattress.


Once the mattress begins to use, to keep the mattress ventilation dry, to avoid the mattress moisture mould, breeding bacteria, causing harm to health. Long-term unused to packaging. Mattresses such as long-term non-use, should be used with breathable packaging (such as plastic bags need to have ventilation holes), and built-in part of the bagged desiccant packaging, placed in a dry and ventilated environment.
In this recommended use of Extra Thick mattress storage bag, which can effectively wrap the entire mattress, so that the mattress is isolated from a closed space, to prevent air and mattress contact resulting in mattress aging, and prevents dust from falling on the mattress.
Extra Thick mattress storage bag

02 Use wisely and in the right way.

Each material has its own unique characteristics, so if you use it in accordance with its characteristics, you will enjoy its benefits, but if you use it against its characteristics, you will damage it.
Do not fold.
Do not fold the mattress as this may damage the springs and materials inside. If you have to bend the mattress to gain access due to the tightness of the doorway, then gently bend it up.
To avoid bouncing, children in the home often use the bed as an amusement park trampoline and play wildly.
The mattress can withstand the weight of a person, but it does not mean that it can withstand the bouncing force of a person every day. If the bouncing force is too great or bounces for a long time, there is a risk that the mattress will be damaged and affect its use.
In addition, the four corners of the mattress are generally the most fragile, so do not often sit on the edge of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed for long periods of time can damage the edge protector springs.
It is recommended to use a Quilted King Size Mattress Topper, which makes the mattress softer and thicker, and also cushions the pressure, helping the mattress to share the pressure and ensure that the mattress is more evenly stressed.
Quilted King Size Mattress Topper

03 Turn regularly to maintain comfort.

Turn your new mattress front and back or head and foot approximately every one to two months for the first year of use to even out the pressure on the springs, and then approximately every six month thereafter.
Flipping the mattress allows for more even wear and helps to maintain the comfort of the mattress for longer. It is important to have help when turning the mattress, and never try to turn the mattress alone.

04 Keep it clean. Not eating in bed.

Many mornings don't want to get out of bed and prefer to settle for breakfast in bed. Be aware that if you accidentally spill other drinks such as tea or coffee on the bed, you can use a towel or toilet paper to dry it vigorously with heavy pressure and then blow it with a hairdryer. Never use strong acidic or alkaline cleaners as they may cause fad and damage to the mattress.
To clean the mattress, use a neutral detergent or a professional furniture cleaner. Always apply water sparingly to the mattress and try to prevent water or any other liquid from penetrating the mattress. Do not use chemical detergents as these can seriously damage the mattress and even have a negative impact on your health. As a rule, the mattress can be cleaned regularly with a hover to help remove dust and mites. It is not recommended to clean your mattress yourself without experience in washing and caring for it, as this poses a great risk of accelerated deterioration.
Use a mattress protector for greater hygiene and convenience.
If you want to keep your mattress clean and hygienic, you can use a mattress protector. It extends the life of the mattress and is also more hygienic as you can easily remove and dry the mattress protector. The mattress protector also makes it easier to make the bed.
Using the best mattress protector queen will prevent liquids from penetrating the mattress, keeping it dry and hygienic and eliminating the need for fussing over cleaning it.
best mattress protector queen
The best way to wash and care for your mattress is to prevent it from deteriorating and extend the life of your mattress, which is a great long-term money-saving tip.
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