Summer is the peak of the outbreak of mites, teach you a few moves away from mites!

Summer is the peak of the outbreak of mites, teach you a few moves away from mites!

We can't see mites, but they are everywhere in our lives. In summer, the weather is hot and often rainy, and the room is more humid, such an environment is suitable for mites to breed, so summer is the peak of mite breeding season.

The danger of mites

01 Triggering skin diseases The mites attached to the skin surface will absorb nutrients from the skin, while the secretions of the mites will clog the pores making the skin rough, freckles, chloasma, etc. They may also trigger bacterial infections and cause folliculitis.

02 Allergy inducing mite excrement and dead mites are strong allergens. If people with allergies are exposed to mites, they can induce allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.

03 Causes diseases if mites enter the respiratory tract, it may cause lung mite disease, entering the digestive tract may cause intestinal mite disease, and mites are also the vectors of some infectious diseases.


What kind of bedding is more resistant to mites

1. bamboo fiber bedding scientists have found that bamboo has a unique substance - "bamboo Kun". It has natural anti-bacteria, anti-mites, anti-odor and anti-insect functions. When observed under a microscope, mites are able to multiply in cotton, wood and other fiber products, while mites on bamboo fiber products can be reduced in a short period of time.

The natural antibacterial and mite removal function of bamboo fiber fabric can still ensure its original activity after repeated washing and sunlighting for many times, which not only will not cause any adverse reaction to human skin, but also has health care effect. Bamboo fiber bedding is a very wise choice in summer, and now bamboo fiber has been widely used in all kinds of bedding.


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2. linen bedding because the linen fiber is hollow, rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria can not survive, antibacterial, good performance in addition to mites, is a very good fabric.

Linen is also due to the balance of positive and negative charges and does not generate static electricity, not easy to absorb dust, with "clean" characteristics. At the same time, linen has a strong moisture absorption, moisture release performance and better breathability, thermal conductivity, can reduce the body surface temperature, reduce sweating, so that the bed to keep dry, not easy to breed mites. Now, the market with linen fiber made of bedding is also increasing.


3. Using a special process to prevent mites

Bedecor's mattress protector uses a special process and scientific design solutions to effectively prevent mites from entering the mattress, so that the mattress is always clean and hygienic, you can buy two, do diligent replacement often cleaned, so that the skin becomes healthy and happier life.

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How to stay away from mites

Strategy 1: diligent ventilation
Mites like humid, hot, with cotton and linen fabrics and dusty environment. When the temperature reaches 20~25℃ and the relative humidity reaches 65%~80%, it is extremely suitable for the development and reproduction of dust mites. Therefore, keeping dry and diligent ventilation is the best weapon to eliminate them. In order to reduce the harm of mites, you must often open the doors and windows, adhere to the ventilation and light, especially when using air conditioning, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation and air exchange.

Strategy 2: wash and dry often
To frequently dry the bedding, every 1 to 2 weeks to wash the bedding with hot water above 55 ℃. Or put the bedding in the sun for a few hours, so that the mites and their eggs can be killed. Try to simplify the bedroom arrangement to facilitate dust removal. It is best not to lay carpets indoors and not to place tapestries and other items that tend to accumulate dust in your home.

Strategy 3: Wet work
Mites and its excrement are easy to fly in the air when tidying the room, which can trigger obvious allergy symptoms.

When cleaning, use wet wipes or special mite wipes to develop the habit of "wet work" to avoid raising dust and reduce the chances of mites dispersing through the air. The summer has arrived ~ summer bedding has been set aside for a long time, it does not forget to wash and dry before use.
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