The Correct Way To Clean Your Mattress Protector

The Correct Way To Clean Your Mattress Protector


The function of the Mattress Protector is to protect the mattress and keep the home environment clean, but while protecting the mattress and the home environment, the Mattress Protector itself will become dirty.

However, due to the easy-to-clean nature of the Mattress Protector, it is easy to clean after being dirty, so you can ensure that every time you contact the Mattress Protector, it is clean and no extra smell on it.

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Therefore, cleaning the Mattress Protector is particularly important. Below I will explain how to effectively clean the mattress protector.

Cleaning frequency

Under normal circumstances, it is most suitable to wash the Mattress Protector once a week. Even if it is not infested by coffee, juice, etc., after a week of intimate contact with the Mattress protector, the Mattress Protector will breed many invisible bacteria

If it is not cleaned, it will cause adverse effects on the body. Therefore, cleaning once a week can effectively curb the growth of bacteria.

It is also not recommended to clean the Mattress Protector too high frequency. The high-frequency cleaning will damage the Mattress Protector. Unless your Mattress Protector is contaminated with coffee, juice, food residue, or baby's urine, you don't need to wash it in time.

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Prepare before cleaning

Before cleaning the Mattress Protector, it should be wrapped from the bottom side (waterproof surface) to the topper side (body contact surface), because the front side is covered with the stain contact surface, so that the package can be expanded the cleaning area of the stained surface, thereby improving cleaning efficiency.

Because the Mattress Protector will be fluffier after being packaged, the air should be squeezed out, and then put it into the laundry bag and placed in the washing machine for cleaning.

The laundry bag can prevent other cleaning objects from "injuring" the Mattress Protector and can prevent the Mattress Protector from occupying the entire washing machine. There is extra space to ensure the full operation of the Mattress Protector so that the laundry efficiency can be improved.

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Washing requirements

When the laundry mode is selected, normal liquid washing is generally selected to cope with the basic liquid contamination. In this case, the strong washing mode is selected unless it is stained with sludge or stubborn dirt that is not easy to clean

In the gentle wash mode, the basic cleaning needs can be met and the Mattress Protector can last longer.

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When washing the Mattress Protector, put a proper amount of neutral detergent (do not use bleach), wash with water below 60 °, also need to use low-temperature drying method to dry. Low temperature can protect the TPU film from being affected, and it is not easy to wrinkle the mattress protector.

Also, need to follow the instructions for cleaning care, do not dry clean, do not iron.

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