Is bamboo fiber a good material? - bamboo raw fiber Home textile knowledge

Is bamboo fiber a good material? - bamboo raw fiber Home textile knowledge

The new summer favorite in the textile world - bamboo raw fiber

In the heat of summer, the bodily fluids secreted by the human body can make bedding difficult to clean, and can cause all kinds of troubles and troubles. However, the new generation of sheets made of bamboo fiber overcomes many of the shortcomings of ordinary bedsheets, but also can take into account the original effectiveness of ordinary bedsheets, want to know why? Let's take a look.


Bamboo fiber concept

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo, following cotton, hemp, wool, silk, the fifth-largest natural fiber. As a rich source of native cellulose fiber, due to its renewable nature and environmental protection and other advantages of much attention, the development and utilization of bamboo fiber is also on the rise in recent years.

Bamboo fiber (virgin bamboo fiber) is the bast fiber obtained from the stem of bamboo, also known as natural bamboo fiber. The cross-section of bamboo fiber is naturally hollow, full of gaps of different sizes, and has cracks at the edges, mostly irregularly round.

The middle of the bamboo fiber is covered with irregular oval voids, and its capillary effect is remarkable, which can absorb and evaporate water in a short time, fully proving the moisture absorption performance of the bamboo fiber, which is also called "breathing fiber".

Physical properties

Compared with cotton, ramie, wool and silk, bamboo fiber has good physical and mechanical properties. The density of bamboo fiber is comparable to that of cotton and ramie, and the fiber is finer and longer, and has a comparable elongation.

Conditioning properties

The normal physiological activities of the bamboo body itself and the surrounding environment to form an interaction, such as the common bamboo fiber has the antibacterial, deodorant and UV protection properties.


Bamboo quinone / antibacterial properties

The excellent antibacterial property of bamboo fiber comes from the antibacterial and antimicrobial substance "bamboo quinone" on the fiber cell wall, which has an inhibitory effect on E. coli and thus has a health effect on human body. Through high-tech treatment, bamboo fiber retains strong antibacterial and antibacterial properties. Under the same conditions, bacteria can survive and reproduce in cotton and wood fiber products, but in bamboo fiber not only can not survive for a long time, but also can disappear or reduce in a short time.

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin / Deodorization, UV protection properties

The original bamboo fiber contains sodium copper chlorophyllin, which gives it good deodorizing performance, and the deodorizing effect on acid odor and ammonia is much better than that of cotton. At the same time, sodium copper chlorophyllin is also a safe and excellent UV absorber. Compared with hemp, cotton and other textiles, bamboo fiber fabric can reduce the damage to UV rays to human body to a certain extent.


Application in textile field

Textile is the most widely used field of bamboo fiber. Bamboo raw fiber can be either pure or blended, ring spun or air spun, and also blended or interwoven with cotton, tencel, modal, hemp, silk, polyester, acrylic and other fibers in different proportions.

The internal structural characteristics of bamboo raw fiber make it have good moisture absorption, moisture wicking and breathable performance, as well as antibacterial, deodorization, UV protection and other functions, suitable for making summer clothing, intimate underwear, sportswear, towels and bedding and other textiles in close contact with human skin. Through compounding with other materials, various new types of fabrics such as mosquito repellent, disease treatment, food insulation, warning, photovoltaic charging, etc. have emerged, expanding the textile functions of bamboo raw fibers and increasing the added value.

Bamboo raw fiber strength, rigidity, renewable, biodegradable excellent characteristics, in addition to home textile field shine, in industry, agriculture and other fields of application is also very extensive, its derived products to adapt to a more complex environment, the market potential is huge.

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