What is a silk fabric? Is all silk made from silkworms?

What is a silk fabric? Is all silk made from silkworms?

Silk bedding, I believe that we are not unfamiliar, in recent years the big sellers of silk quilt loved by the market. People who have bought silk fabrics know that silk feels silky and icy to the touch, no matter what color, silk clothes can exude a sense of high-end class.

The so-called silk is essentially a clothing fabric made of natural mulberry silk, mulberry silk, sericulture silk,  etc., of which mulberry silk and sericulture silk are the two most widely used fabrics.

Made of silk fabric clothing is not only beautiful, but also has a high degree of breathability, people wear a very obvious sense of comfort. Although silk fabric is artificially made fabric, its main component is really natural fiber, to polyester, spandex, tapestries, nylon and other synthetic fibers are much more delicate, not only easy to stain dirty, high temperature will also quickly change form, so the production process has very high requirements.


Characteristics of silk fabrics

The so-called silk fabrics are named to distinguish from other non-silk fabrics, silk usually refers to silk, silk fabrics refer to the fabrics woven by silk, silk fabrics include a wide range, such as woven by mulberry silk called mulberry silk fabrics, woven by crushed silk called crushed silk fabrics, as well as castor silk fabrics and cassava silk fabrics and so on (according to the different food). Since they are all fabrics woven by silk, they are collectively called silk fabrics. Silk fabrics do not contain any other miscellaneous materials and are pure mulberry silk fabrics. Because silk has natural ecological nutrition, so silk fabrics keep the ecological beauty of silk, with the unique natural properties of bright colors, luster and softness.



Mulberry silk fabric

The fiber of this natural silk is relatively fine, the main color is white, only a small part is yellow, after corresponding treatment, the fabric of the fabric still has a bright luster and delicate texture, its color is still relatively soft, touching the feel of soft and smooth, hanging after a very good drape. Because it is a natural fiber, it contains a large amount of protein and amino acids, a small amount of other elements, these substances are harmless to the human body, and some of them can even nourish the human skin. Of course, it is for reasons such as the above that mulberry silk has become the fabric of choice for fine clothing.


Quercus serrata silk fabric

Compared with mulberry silk, the fiber of crushed silk is coarser, brownish, lighter in color after processing, and contains a luster similar to jewelry, with a yellowish appearance and a distinct roughness. Compared with the elegant and luxurious feeling of mulberry silk, the fabric of crushed silk is relatively stiff and gives people a slightly astringent feeling, with a simple and elegant style. It is also rich in protein, amino acids and other elements, and is a common choice for clothing fabrics.


Common features

Silk fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability, which can inhibit the reproduction and survival of bacteria on the fabric itself and even on the wearer, making it comfortable to wear. However, silk fabrics will be damaged when exposed to water and heat, with high shrinkage and wrinkling, and will fade after washing and sunlight, so people need to use neutral detergent for cleaning and dry in a cool place to avoid changes in the form of silk fabrics due to sunlight or alkaline corrosion, thus shortening the wearing life of the garment



How to identify?

Light recognition method

Silk clothing will have light absorption, not easy to reflect light. Glossy soft touch easy to wrinkle, rubbing will produce the general "silk" sound of snow. Simulated silk without pearl luster, chemical fiber fabrics are very bright and dazzling, feel stiff.

Burning method

Silk is animal protein fiber, so no open fire, will emit the smell of burnt hair, ashes are black particles, can be crushed. Simulated silk and chemical fibers will produce open fire, after burning, leaving a hard rubber block can not be crushed.



How to wash and care for silk

How to wash and care

Since silk is precious and should not be worn for too long, it is recommended that silk be washed every two days.


Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning we generally use solvents to clean, solvents remove oil and dirt very well, for silk clothes with solvent cleaning not only will not deform, but also will not fade and shrink, the important thing is not to damage the fabric, so that silk looks a dirty old feeling.



1. Since there are proteins in silk, you should never use alkaline detergent to clean it. The combination of the two will denature the proteins and cause the silk fabric to wrinkle.

2. Washing silk water temperature with cool water or 30 degrees or less, and to turn the clothes over to wash, too high a temperature will make the color of silk fade, washing silk first solvent in the water stirring and then put the clothes into the water, 5 minutes can be.

3. Silk contains protein health care fibers, washing should not be scrubbed hard, the force should be light, and can not be wrung out.

4. The technique of drying silk is very simple, just dry in a cool part of the shade, dry in the shade can be, especially in the semi-dry not dry when you can use an iron to flatten.


1. When cleaning silk, do not use ordinary washing powder, laundry detergent and other alkaline products, silk is best cleaned separately.

2. Silk fabric will be carelessly sunlight slightly yellow, at this time you can add such as the appropriate amount of vinegar soak for about five minutes to wash again, the role of vinegar is to brighten the color of silk, so that the silk color recovery.



Silk maintenance methods

1. Silk is best to hang storage, storage cabinets to keep clean, sealed to avoid silk clothes stained with a lot of dust.

2. Because silk fabric is better moisture absorption, so it is best to choose a dry storage cabinet.

3. If you don't wear it for a long time, you can take it out from time to time to ventilate it, but never put it in the sunlight or mothballs.


Silk ironing method

1. Silk fabric is relatively poor wrinkle resistance, so silk clothes after cleaning, in the semi-dry time can be ironed, ironed silk will drape smooth, floating.

2. ironing silk temperature should be controlled at about 100 degrees, otherwise it will be easy to silk fabric ironing bad.

3. ironing should not be placed directly on top of the silk clothes, because of the poor heat resistance of silk, ironing time you can put a wet towel or wet cloth on the silk clothes to prevent the temperature of the iron to cause the fabric to burn.



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