What is chiffon? Cool summer must have it!

What is chiffon? Cool summer must have it!

Chiffon is almost every girl's summer must-have, its material is light and airy, silky and comfortable, highlighting good color, but many people do not know how to take care of it, today Bedecor to tell you ~Occasional sharing of home textile knowledge.


"Chiffon" is the scientific name of "chiffon", also known as chiffon crepe, is a strong twist crepe warp, crepe weft weaving a silk fabric, chiffon name from France (georgette). "Chiffon" warp and weft silk using S twist and Z twist two different twist direction of the strong twist yarn, according to ZS, ZZ arranged between, with plain organization interweaving, the fabric warp and weft density is very small.

After being refined, the silk shrinks and wrinkles due to the retreating effect of the silk threads, forming a silk surface covered with uniform wrinkles and loose structure of georgette. According to the raw materials used can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette, etc. If only one twist direction is used for the weft silk, the woven georgette is called cis-fiber georgette, cis-fiber georgette shows irregular wrinkles in the direction of concave and convex pleats.



Georgette is light and transparent, soft and elastic, light and elegant in appearance, with good air permeability and drapability, comfortable to wear. The lightness, heaviness, thickness, thinness, transparency and wrinkling effect of georgette mainly depend on the thickness, number of merging, twist and warp and weft density of the silk thread. Georgette is suitable for making dresses, senior evening dresses, headscarves, palace lamp crafts, etc. It is a spinning product in the silk products, the fabric is light, transparent, soft and flowing, the name comes from the French CHIFFE sound, meaning light and transparent fabric.



Chiffon is mainly divided into silk chiffon, rayon chiffon, polyester chiffon, although they are all chiffon, but the performance of different types of fabrics are also very different, the price of silk chiffon will be much higher than other kinds of prices.



Chiffon fabric maintenance methods


  • Do not hang chiffon products in the closet for a long time, otherwise the soft and loose chiffon will sag and deform

  • Be careful not to get wet. If partial water, simply soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage

  • Wash and dry naturally, do not wring

  • Heavy decorated chiffon is best stored flat in the closet, so as not to deform easily

  • Put the fabric products in the fabric bag, breathable and will not be stained with dust

  • Spray perfume should pay attention to the distance, so as not to leave yellow spots

  • If stained with grease, absorb it with paper towel and then wipe off the stain with soda water


Advantages of chiffon fabric

  • Thin and transparent texture, soft and elastic to the touch

  • Light and elegant appearance, with good breathability and drapability

  • Easy to wear, comfortable, and elegant, charming and dignified

  • Good abrasion resistance, not easy to pilling, size stability, not easy to crease

  • Adopt environmental protection dyeing, anti-static processing


The disadvantages of chiffon fabric

  • The drape of chiffon fabric is not good, easy to sag and deformation and slack when swinging, so it is usually best to fold in the closet, do not hang


  • The price of chiffon fabric is relatively high, and easy to age and fade, maintenance is more energy consuming


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