What is silver fiber fabric? What are the characteristics of silver fiber?

What is silver fiber fabric? What are the characteristics of silver fiber?

In recent years to silver fiber anti-radiation clothing for the very famous "functional" clothing to follow the footsteps of science and technology, home textile industry has taken off, is expected to open a new generation of clothing trends. At present, silver fiber textiles have been used in various fields such as health care clothing, underwear, home textiles, medical and surgical clothing, sports and troop equipment. So, what kind of fabric is silver fiber fabric? Let's learn more about it!

Radiation protection clothing originated in the early 1900s in the United States, the earliest belongs to the military products, while the civilian radiation protection clothing industry first began in the late 1990s, from the advent of the electrification era and the improvement of people's quality of life, especially the popularity of the concept of eugenics, With the progress of technology, radiation protection fabrics are also constantly improving and upgrading. From the first generation of spraying process fabric, the second generation of coating process fabric, to the third generation of metal fiber fabric, and now the fourth generation of silver fiber fabric, radiation protection fabric has been playing an important role, especially in the maternity radiation protection clothing industry shine, especially Sylvie silver fiber radiation protection fabric.


What is silver fiber?

Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by a special technology that permanently combines a layer of pure silver on the surface of the fiber. This structure not only makes the silver fiber maintain the original textile properties, but also gives it all the magical functions that silver has. Silver has a good electrical conductivity, the use of nano-silver fiber fabric made of radiation protection clothing. Silver has the effectiveness of regulating body temperature sterilization deodorization, warm in winter and cool in summer, can be worn close to the body, direct washing, sterilization deodorization, thin and soft, breathable, washable, excellent shielding, the use of a wide range of fields.

What are the functions of silver fiber fabric?


Radiation protection

  Silver has good electrical conductivity, this performance is the general conductive metal several times or even hundreds of times, the conductivity of the basic principle of anti-radiation. Woven with silver fiber fabric is shielding electromagnetic radiation excellent material.

  Color silver fiber using the international leading technology, silver ions and fiber fully combined, and silver placed in the core layer of the fiber. With stronger protective ability, while thin and comfortable, soft and breathable, with better comfort.

Anti-static property

  Because of the high conductivity of silver, anti-static 5000v, with electromagnetic shielding function, as long as a small amount of silver fiber exists on the clothing, will quickly eliminate the static electricity generated by friction, so that the product has no static comfort, so the silver fiber can be very fast and efficient electrical conduction out, and can protect the body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the fetus in the abdomen from electromagnetic wave pollution).

Powerful deodorization

  Anti-mold and deodorization function, bacteria breeding will make the body produce odor, and silver fiber surface silver ions can very quickly adsorb amonia and deteriorated protein on it and reduce or eliminate the odor.

  For example, Australia 2xu socks, nano-silver technology gives it extraordinary anti-bacterial and anti-odor ability, which can be used for astronauts and field troops for a long time without washing without odor.

Powerful antibacterial

  The mechanism of metallic silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In warm and humid environments, silver ions are very biologically active - meaning that they readily bind to other substances, causing proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane to coagulate, thus blocking the respiratory and reproductive processes of bacterial cells. The warmer and more humid the environment, the more active the silver ions are.

  Silver fibers have been tested against 99.9% of bacteria exposed to surface phenomena within one hour. Most other antimicrobial products have not been tested to achieve the same effect after 48 hours.

  Silver fiber is made of silver and fiber tightly polymerized, which is permanent and does not diminish with time and washing, even after 250 washes, its antibacterial function is still not reduced at all.



Thermal insulation and heat preservation

  THERMODYNAMIC: Silver fiber can quickly conduct the temperature on the skin to lower the body temperature and achieve a cool feeling; in cold weather, the body's pores contract and no longer sweat a lot, but instead emit radiation energy to regulate body temperature, body temperature loss are due to the radiation effect, and silver is the most effective storage and reflection material, can store or reflect radiation energy back to the body to produce The most effective storage and reflection material is silver, which can store or reflect the radiation energy back to the body to produce the best warmth effect.

Medical care

  The fast conductivity of silver can promote blood circulation, eliminate or significantly reduce fatigue, and achieve the function of medical and health care. It is theoretically true that clothes containing silver can easily conduct electricity and increase the risk of being struck by lightning, but the silver content of a piece of clothing made of silver fiber is less than one percent, so as long as it is not worn in the rain to open areas, it is still very safe.

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