What is TENCEL? What are the characteristics of Tencel?

What is TENCEL? What are the characteristics of Tencel?

Tencel, also known as "Lyser" fiber, is a wood pulp fiber made mainly from coniferous trees. Tencel is a new type of environmentally friendly fabric that is not only green, but also has the moisture absorption and breathability of natural fibers and the strength of chemical fibers. It is not only suitable for application in various types of clothing, but also suitable for various other fields due to its good spinnability, and has a very broad development prospect.


TENCEL is a pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber, a brand new fiber produced by solvent spinning method with wood pulp as raw material. The natural fiber can be completely decomposed in the soil and is not polluting to the environment. In addition, the solvent used in the production is harmless to human body and can be almost completely recycled and used repeatedly. It causes very little pollution in the production process, the solvent used is non-toxic and the recovery rate reaches 99.9%, so it is called the "green fiber of the 21st century".

Tencel fiber has a smooth feel, high drape and good flow. It has the comfort and moisture absorption of cotton, the feel and good drapability of silk, the thickness of wool, and the strength of polyester. It is extremely tough in both dry and wet states.

Softness and comfort. Tencel fiber surface has a soft fiber structure organization, so it is more smooth and comfortable than cotton, so that when it touches the skin will not cause harm to the skin, does not contain harmful chemicals, making its skin-friendly especially good, known as "plant cashmere".

Moisture absorption and breathability. Because Tencel is a pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber, its moisture-absorbing and breathable performance is particularly good, it can absorb the sweat and steam discharged from human skin in time, and can be transmitted to the other side of the fabric through the fiber, so it touches the skin, making people feel soft and not stiff.

Anti-bacteria. Natural fiber hydrophilic properties and soft surface can maintain a clean and dry environment, making it difficult for bacteria to grow on its surface, thus inhibiting the generation of bacteria and mold to achieve the effect of health care.


Tencel products

Because of its excellent performance, TENCEL is now widely used in various products and is popular among consumers.


Workwear. Tencel fiber is popular among fabric manufacturers because it has the same moisture absorption as natural fibers and the same strength as synthetic fibers. Its extremely high toughness makes it very suitable for coarse twill workwear or protective clothing, comfortable and wear-resistant, and suitable for labor protection in harsh environments.

Underwear. With the rise of new regenerated cellulose fibers, modal, Tencel and other fabrics are also very suitable for underwear, which has the comfort of cotton in addition to good wearability and toughness. In addition to the choice of pure spun tencel used as lingerie fabrics, but also with silk interweaving or blending, to enhance the luster and drape of underwear; Tencel fiber can also be blended with viscose fiber or cotton fiber to do underwear, more soft and thin than cotton products; blended with bamboo fiber can be used in socks products, to bamboo fiber to provide a strong, increased spinnability and antibacterial properties.

Home textiles. Home textile products in the choice of fabrics need to pay attention to antibacterial comfortable breathable, and Tencel fabric in breathable than cotton is much higher, Tencel can quickly absorb moisture, and can immediately transfer to the air, to ensure a dry nest, very conducive to health. At the same time, Tencel is made from natural wood, which has strong deodorization and adsorption function. In addition to being widely used in bedding, Tencel fabrics are now also used as towels, blankets and other standing pile fabrics, which have good moisture absorption and hand feel.


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Tencel is known as the fiber of the new age
1) Use of nanotechnology
2) High liquid absorption rate
3) When hot, it brings you coolness; when cold, it brings you warmth
4) Smoother and smoother than cotton, foldable
5) Skin-friendly and comfortable
6) Strongly curb the growth of bacteria
7) High liquid absorption rate
8) Better breathing
9) Support environmental protection

Tencel sheets and the special features of ordinary bedsheets!

Tencel luster beautiful, soft texture, good drapability, good flow

Features of Tencel sheets
Tencel has
1. High moisture absorption
2. the softness of cotton smooth and flowing
3. comfort
4. the high strength of polyester
5. the warmth of wool

It overcomes the defect of low strength of common viscose fiber, especially low wet strength, and its strength is almost similar to that of polyester.

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