About us

Bedecor is committed to giving people a sleep experience:

Unwind and enjoy a goodnight sleep

We provide protection for your sleep. Bedecor is inspired by "protecting sleep", providing bedding protection and convenient bedding products and services to make you sleep better

Bedding protection is the biggest advantage of Bedecor

Bedecor is good at using technology to benefit customers. Our products can protect the mattress and you very well. The special technology composite fabric keeps liquid, mites and dust out; but it is soft, breathable and comfortable.

Convenient bedding is our brand development direction

When we realize that the meaning of protecting sleep is not only to protect, but to ensure the comfort of the entire sleep experience, we also pay attention to the actual use of the product, easy to install, clean and beautiful, and truly "worry-free sleep"

Both environmental protection and comfort

Environmental protection is also one of Bedecor's missions. Some of Bedecor's product raw materials are derived from recycled plastics, and through high-tech processing, the plastics are turned into soft and comfortable fiber fabrics. Eco-friendly and comfortable

Bedecor of Charity

Bedecor and the BCI organization are long-term partners. Our raw material purchases will be donated indirectly. This is a way to extend the value of the company. Bedecor has been on the way.

Bedecor continues to explore the meaning of bedding protection

We are constantly expanding this meaning, bedding protection is not only embodied in "protection", but to give a comfortable, relaxing, and worry-free sleep!