What is bamboo fiber?Bamboo fiber product introduction.

What is bamboo fiber?Bamboo fiber product introduction.

Bamboo fiber product introduction

Nowadays, people are more and more green conscious and have higher and higher requirements for living standards. Many of the quilts, towels, mats, socks, etc. that we use in our lives are made of a material called bamboo fiber. So what is bamboo fiber? Let's learn more about it today!


Bamboo Fibre Products

What is bamboo fiber?

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated plant fiber extracted from bamboo, with 2000 times the electron microscope to observe it will find that the cross-section of bamboo fiber concave and convex deformation, are nearly oval pores, capillary effect is very strong, which makes its breathability, water absorption, abrasion resistance to fully show, bamboo fiber is three times the water absorption of cotton, is its unique feature, it has more than 100 years of history as a man-made fiber, gradually In our life becomes more and more common and indispensable.

 Bamboo fabric is very comfortable

Bamboo fiber is divided into natural bamboo fiber and chemical bamboo fiber.

Natural waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets can be imagined mainly bamboo raw fiber, that is, bamboo fiber can be extracted directly from bamboo, retaining the natural bamboo fiber structure form, this natural plant fiber has ecological, coolness, breathability, are better than ordinary cotton fiber, giving people zero pressure comfort.

Chemical bamboo fiber is further divided into bamboo pulp fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber. Bamboo pulp fiber is made of pulp by physical and chemical methods, and the fiber is made by wet spinning. The bamboo charcoal fiber is a functional fiber with the addition of bamboo charcoal powder during the spinning process.

 A healthy, eco-friendly and natural bedroom

Why bamboo fiber can be favored by everyone?

waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets has the function of absorbing sweat and breathable, natural antibacterial, deodorant, anti-UV and so on. Bamboo fiber because the unit fineness is fine, bright and lustrous after dyeing, good drapability, silky soft and textured products. However, because of the short length of bamboo fiber, the resistance is not high, resulting in a short service life. We can see that bedding, paper towels, shirts, bath towels and so on have been selected to make bamboo fiber, in the use of bedding will feel its soft skin-friendly, silky smooth, moisture absorption and breathable in summer can be physically cooled, the use of winter fluffy warmth, the elimination of excess water in the body. For the home textile industry, this new fiber green and environmentally friendly, its comfort function and better than cotton products, in the conditions allow, must be our first choice to buy, people's living standards, the health of consumer demand has become strong, technology is slowly changing our lives, cherish the resources is also our duty.


waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets

How to buy bamboo fiber products?

A look at the color, good waterproof mattress firm bamboo sheets products bright, two look at the workmanship, poor products can see the obvious seams, jump line break, etc., three smell, high-quality top bamboo waterproof mattress firm protector products will be slightly with the fresh smell of bamboo. Four look at the feel, the bamboo fiber content will feel delicate and smooth. Bamboo fiber has become the fifth natural textile elements following cotton, hemp, wool, silk four natural fibers. The use of bamboo fiber such a green and healthy materials used in our lives, but also for the future of the home textile industry to find a new direction, more importantly, in the protection of the environment, to contribute to the protection of resources.


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